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Bubble Football for my Algarve Stag Do


  • Minimum 10 people needed
  • 1-hour game
  • A zorb or bubble per person
  • All equipment
  • Venue/Field hire
  • Cloakroom, balloons and lockers

Bubble Football in Algarve : Information

Is there a better way to celebrate your stag do than with a pre-pub crawl game of footie with the lads?

Now there is. Bubble football is a hilarious new craze that has already swept across the UK and is a perfect way to kick-off your stag do celebrations in Algarve!

It's the funniest version of the world's favourite game...

Split into teams, don a giant inflatable ball and let the game begin. 

Tackles fly in from every direction sending everybody flying, it's unique and most importantly hilariously competitive and fun.

A one of a kind experience that will leave you wondering why nobody ever thought of it before!

All your previous skills and knowledge go out the door with this crazy match, spatial awareness is gone, the ability to kick the ball is minimal and you'll probably fall over more times than you have since you started walking - competition mixed with some hilarious action for a stag do in Algarve, its a match made in stag heaven! 

15 people
2 Nights


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