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Antwerp Stag Do

If beer & strip clubs are at the top of your stag do list, you'll love a weekend away in Antwerp.

15 people
2 Nights
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Belgium’s second party city and Brussels’ wilder-little brother. Antwerp might not be the first place you think of for a stag do in Europe, but with a chilled out vibe, a huge nightlife scene, plenty of stag party activities and more Belgian beer than a stag party could ever hope for, it should be!

While Antwerp is a port city on Belgium’s River Scheldt, with a history dating to the Middle Ages, there is nothing old about its nightlife or party atmosphere. There is also far more on offer than just sightseeing for your stag party activities.

During the day you can try out some wicked and unique stag party activities like Total Wipeout, MMA Fighting or the ever-popular Beer Bike. When the sun goes down head out with a guided bar crawl and really get to know Antwerp, in particular, the great strip clubs and nightclubs scattered around the city!

Years ago, Antwerp was known for being a pretty and easy-going town, which its biggest claim to fame was being home to Europe's second-largest port. But, thanks to a massive surge of new bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as revamping the old and disused dockland warehouses into party hot sports, Antwerp has become one of the best city breaks in Europe.

And, a stag do is no exception! 

Being Belgium’s second party city, it is go big or go bigger in Antwerp when it comes to a stag do.

Trust us, going home will be the last thing on your mind during your stag do in Antwerp.

If you are sick of the usual stag party activities, put your skills and endurance to the test with an MMA Workshop. You'll be getting trained by an ex-pro mixed martial arts fighter in a 1-hour long class where you can batter each other to your heart's content!

Not your usual stag weekend activity in Antwerp - but definitely a good excuse to punch the lads.

The MMA Workshop is bound to leave you a little parched, so 'hydrate' yourselves afterwards with a Belgian Beers Tasting session. We then have two golden rules when it comes to Antwerp's nightlife, the first is line your stomachs with a decent meal. We like big meaks when it comes to a stag do and it's doesn't get any bigger than an Unlimited Tapas Dinner, which also comes with UNLIMITED BOOZE!

The second golden rule for Antwerp's nightlife is a guided bar crawl. Recommended for the first night, you and the lads will discover the best watering holes Antwerp has to offer during your stag do with this Guided Bar Crawl!

Given Antwerp is such a beautiful city with history dating to the Middle Ages, it would be a shame not to discover and explore some of its beauty and top attractions. BUT, this is a stag do and walking around the city is far from high on the agenda. Nothing beats beer time.

Which is why for day two of the stag do get in some sightseeing from the comfort of a portable bar with the famed Beer Bike. If you've got the time and you haven't hit the ber to hard then you definitely also need to throw yourselves at Totally Wiped Out. Taking inspiration from the hit TV show Wipeout, Totally Wiped Out will have you and the lads teaming up to compete in six different events including dodging the sweeper's arm, and, of course, trying to cross the big red balls on your stag weekend.

When it comes to dinner either opt for an Unlimited Ribs Dinner then head to the strip club to enjoy our Strip Club & Bottles package. Or get the best of both worlds with our Dinner Cruise and Strip activity, which includes a 2-hour cruise, 3-course dinner and a 15-minute striptease onboard. 

Given you are in Belgium’s second party city, clubbing, strippers and beer tasting are very high on the stag do menu.

It would be an absolute sin if you visited Antwerp and left without tasting some work famous Belgian beers, especially at Belgium’s premier brewery, De Koninck.

When it comes to partying and clubbing, we've got everything from guided bar crawls to club entry and club & bottles packages on offer. You'll also find all your favourite stag do activities in Antwerp like the ever-so-popular bubble football, the fast and furious karting or the 'I love shooting at my mates' classic paintball.

You'll also find the best European stag party activities like the insanely popular escape rooms and beer bikes.

During the summer months, nights out in Antwerp start with good food and great beer on a terrace at one of the many bars that line the river. While it might start calm and in a laid-back bar, the student population of about 15,000 as well as all the clubs ranging from small, trendy clubs to large discos ensure the nightlife is buzzing from dusk to dawn.

From small bars to trendy clubs or large discos, Antwerp has it all and you're guaranteed long nights filled with plenty of dancing and partying in a fun and vibrant atmosphere during your stag do in Antwerp.

While you'll find plenty of bars and clubs throughout the city, you'll find tons in the historical centre of Antwerp or the Old Town. Compact and easy to get to, this is ideal for bar hopping and a guided bar crawl, which we can arrange for you, as well as club entry.

You'll also find plenty of bars and restaurants in Het Zuide, or the Southern District, but it's not very central and on the expensive side. The area of Eilandje is now a rather trendy area and where you'll also find a ton of great bars and clubs. While it is a little out of the way, this area, which was formerly the old dockside, is where you will find more than just the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom). The old warehouses have been converted into top party hotspots and well worth a visit during your stag do in Antwerp.

Antwerp’s red-light district is the ideal base between the bustling city centre and the trendy Eilandje neighbourhood and Falconplein, which borders the red light district and Eilandje, is another hot spot where you'll find plenty of bars and watering holes.

Over the past few years, a number of top clubs have opened in the red light district and among the top are Café d' Anvers, which was a former church and has a solid reputation in Antwerp for being the place to go!

Magic Club, IKON, Roxy Antwerp, The Villa Antwerp and TRIX are other top clubs, which Maximise can sort you out with entry, as well as drinks packages. 

Just in case there is any confusion, Antwerp is Anvers in French and Antwerpen in Dutch, which has led to some debate about how the city got its name.

The first theory involves a mythical giant named Antigoon who is said to have lived by Scheldt River and demanded a toll from all those who crossed over it. If anyone failed to pay the toll, the reasonable Antigoon would sever one of their hands off and launch it into the river. This went on for some time until apparently one brave soldier, cut off the giant’s hand and tossed it in the river. And, the name Antwerpen is derived from Dutch words that mean “to throw a hand.”

You can find the Brabo Fountain outside the Antwerp Town Hall which celebrates this legend.

Another theory, which is a little simpler, is that the name of Antwerp was derived from “anda” (at) and “werpum” (wharf.) This means the name Antwerp literally means “at the wharf” (aan het werf).

Theories aside, Antwerp is a fantastic and beautiful city that's rich in everything from history to great nightlife and a hell of a lot of diamonds. The city is sometimes referred to as “The World’s Capital of Diamonds”. In Antwerp's city centre, approximately one square mile in the Diamond District is taken by thousands of diamond cutting workshops, diamond dealers, merchants, cleaners and polishers. So if you haven't already got the rings sorted for the wedding or one of the lads are thinking of popping the question, you can check out the Diamond District during your stag do in Antwerp.

Or just stick to drinking beer and putting your hard-earned cash towards that!

If you are the sightseeing and culture types, you'll probably want more than just a single stag weekend in Antwerp, because this place is bursting with museums, art, attractions, monuments and more. Antwerp also boasts a medieval fortress, Rubenshuis (Rubens House) and the Middelheim Museum.

15 people
2 Nights


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