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Belgrade Stag Do

Known as 'the city that never sleeps', Belgrade is a stag do paradise with so much to offer.

15 people
2 Nights
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The capital on the river, Belgrade, sits where the waters of the Danube and Sava meet. While it may not be regarded as the prettiest capital city in Europe, it's women are beautiful and the nightlife is electric. It might be off the beaten stag party path, but that hasn't stopped it from ranking in the top 10 European cities for nightlife. Belgrade is a must Do for your Stag Do.

Belgrade literally translates as ‘White City’ but this city is far from it, this capital is red hot for Stag Dos. For partygoers, Belgrade is the place to be! Visitors often mention how friendly the locals are as well as all the cheap food & drink on offer.

Belgrade has plenty of activities to offer from epic shooting experiences to relaxing River Cruises, so there’s something here for everyone. There’s everything that you would want from a classic Eastern European stag weekend. Now do yourself a favour and head to the Balkans for your Stag Do, we know you'll love every second!

Ranking in the top 10 for European nightlife, Belgrade is certain to show you and the lads an epic time on the Stag Do.

Start your day off on the right, Balkan foot by taking advantage of the lax gun laws and getting trigger happy with our Ultimate Shooting package. Any Stag group going to Belgrade just has to head to one of the many shooting ranges, it's a Stag Do must!

After you've sprayed your weight in bullets, spend some time with the friendly locals and feed yourself with a delicious, traditional Serbian mixed grill for dinner. Then re-hydrate and hit up the bars on our Top Night Out. As Belgrade is home to so many terrific clubs, it's fitting that you'll spend the night partying in an exclusive nightclub.

On the second day of your Stag Do, wash away any hangovers with our River Cruise. Belgrade has an average summer temperature of over 26 degrees so an hour on the river is all the chill you'll be needing.

Once you've docked you can head back into the city centre for some Vodka Tasting. The entire of Serbia is big on alcohol and Belgrade is no different. They produce many different brands of vodka and as such there are as many as 10 thirst-quenching drinks to taste!

Get on board the bus, the Party Bus that is! Spend your evening riding around the city, checking out the sites all whilst getting absolutely hammered. As an added incentive, let us give you a treat in the form of a sexy stripper.

A truly amazing place with so much to offer, Belgrade has tonnes of top-class activities for your Stag Do. One of our best activities is our Pistol & Shotgun Shooting with Lunch package. You and the lads will get to test 2 guns each, a pistol and a shotgun, to determine which one of you is the skilled Marksman and which one of you is the Stormtrooper. There is also a lovely lunch meal included.

Another excellent experience we can offer is Skydiving. 4000 metres up in the sky, the Stag will jump out the plane with a Professional instructor and descend for over a minute. Although we highly recommend this activity, we're petrified to try it ourselves!

If neither of these appeal to your group, there are many Stag Do favourites such as Karting, Paintball and Clay Pigeon Shooting.

This is the time this city comes alive. The huge amount of Bars, World-Class Nightclubs and Strip Clubs are stuff of legend! You and the boys will have no shortage of entertainment on your weekend away.

Our best activity for your group is probably our Strip Club & Private Show package, you get a reserved table in a popular bar and a strip show for an entire hour. It might seem like a long time for a stripper to do her thing, but we assure you this could last all night long and you'd still be begging her for more!

As with many Eastern European cities, Belgrade has a big drinking culture and you will be participating as such. Take part in a Maximise favourite, our Top Night Out! Simple but effective, a guide will accompany you to a selection of top bars in the city. She will be able to answer any questions and will also get you VIP entry to a nightclub. Queuing up? Not when you book through us.

How about your own VIP reserved area? Check out our VIP Club & Bottles Package. It is the best way to spend the second night of your Stag Do!

When you think of Belgrade you think cheap beer, no? How about beautifully tasting beer for a fraction of the price you pay in London? Yes to both. Go to the right places, places a Maximise guide could take you, and you may pay as little as 90p for a pint! Yes, you heard us, 90p!

If you and the guys feel a bit peckish, pop down to Skadarlija where there are loads of traditional, top-class restaurants for you to grab a bite to eat at.

Looking to head to the beach but you're in a landlocked location? No bother, Ada Ciganlija is an artificial lake that comes alive in the summer.

If you're looking to fill your afternoons up with a little bit of culture visit the Nikola Tesla or Yugoslavia Museums.

As you enter the city go to the Beogradska Tvrdava (Belgrade Fortress). This colossus of a building is located where the Danube and the Sava rivers meet and is definitely worth a quick visit.

If you're looking for more amazing architecture take a walk down to the Church of St Sava. It's a magnificent building and one of the largest Orthodox temples in the world. It dominates the skyline in the sitting, regardless of where you are in the city.

15 people
2 Nights


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