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Benalmadena Stag Do

Experience the Costa Del Sol by enjoying sun, sea and San Miguel on your Benalmadena stag do.

15 people
2 Nights
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Located between Fuengirola and Torremolinos on the Costa Del Sol, Benalmadena is one of our personal favourite unsung Spanish Stag Do heroes. With plenty of Sun, Sea and San Miguel you've come to the right place for your Stag Do.

This is what Benalmadena Stag Do's are all about.

Although the town may look picturesque with its classy Marina, stunning beaches and awesome mountain range, the area is one big playground for Stags. With awesome bars and clubs at night, as well as amazing activities in the day, you and the lads are in for a first-class Stag Do in Benalmadena.

Let's get things going in the right direction with a traditional, Stag Do favourite in Quad Biking. Rather than battling through the cold, English weather, you have the Sun and the beautiful Costa del Sol landscape instead as you tear through the countryside on these 320cc monsters. For any of the guys who haven't been Quad Biking this is a must-do activity! And for those who have been, you haven't in surroundings as great as this.

Blitzing your way over streams and bushes can only last so long, around 1 hour to be exact. Now its time to head back to the apartment, or a restaurant, for a Lesbian Strip Show. The Stag will love this special treat, and so will all the other guys as two ladies get it on right in front of you. These two beautiful, Spanish strippers will put on a show lasting around 15-20 minutes, although you be playing it over in your mind for the next 15-20 years!

Afterwards, head out to the bars for our Bar & Club Combo to ensure a top night out with the lads. Our bar crawls legendary and Benalmadena is cut from the same cloth.

On day two of your Stag Do its time to enjoy one of the main reasons you came to Benalmadena in the first place, the weather. Our Water Wipeout activity is a huge, inflatable obstacle course, similar to that on Total Wipeout, and is an absolute guarantee to make your Stag Do a massive laugh.

In the evening there is only one way forward and that is straight to the Nightclub. Drink the night away with the boys and bring out your inner Hugh Hefner and we'll get a couple of our Sexy Bunny Girls to join you on your night out. The rest of the boys will thank you later.

Being a prime holiday destination means Benalmadena has a load of activities for you to choose from. We have so many top-class activities in Benalmadena so it's difficult to know where to begin.

One excellent package is our Paintball, BBQ and Beers package. You really can't go wrong with this for a Stag Do, paintball is a proper classic activity for Stags and a BBQ with some Beers is no different. You do it every summer in boring, old England so why not do it in the vibrant, new Benalmadena?

At Maximise we understand a Stag Do can get messy, and trust us, you'll be feeling it in the morning. How about a Catamaran Cruise to chill out in the daytime? On this 2 hour cruise, you'll see lots of the Costa del Sol coastline and experience that glorious Benalmadena sunshine. There is plenty to drink onboard so the Stag Do celebrations will continue right out to sea.

We can offer lots of other great Stag Do activities, such as; Pitch & Putt Golf, Paintball, Scuba Diving and many more.

As far as Stag Do nightlife goes, Benalmadena is right up there with the best locations in Europe. First thing first is the Strip Club, no Stag Weekend would be right without visiting mans happiest place in the world. We use only the best Strip Club in Benalmadena, the best ladies, best shows and best location to make your last night of freedom truly unforgettable.

If you and the lads are looking to go out for a meal before the big night, how about our 3 Course Dinner? Taking place in a top, centrally located restaurant you will get 3 courses as well as some free drinks. Again, we only use the best restaurants in the area so you can trust us to sort you in the Pub, the Club and it now turns out the Grub too.

We have plenty of other great nightlife activities such as Casino entry, Strippers, Bar Crawls and many more.

Most of the Bars and Clubs are located in either Puerto Marina or Plaza Solymar. We can get you entry for loads of different clubs, so if there are any, in particular, you're interested in just speak to our team.

Wine and Beer is excellent value. You can get a glass of wine from anywhere between 1-2€ and a pint of beer is around 1-1.50€. You won't find many places with cheaper alcohol.

The first Ice Bar opened in Spain is located in Benalmadena, head over their and take 'chilling out' to a whole new, literal level.

If you're looking for woman, Benalmadena is the one for you. The local ladies are stunning and the location itself is a favourite with Hen Parties all around Europe so you'll be spoilt for choice.

Flights from London to Benalmadena can be quite expensive in the summer months, around £100 to £150 for return flights, so to avoid any potential increase in price make sure you book them early!

15 people
2 Nights


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