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Bar Crawl & Lap Club Entry for my Benidorm Stag Do


  • Entry to all bars
  • Entry to the Lap club
  • Guides to show you the way!
  • Minimum of 4 bars visited
  • Free shot in each

Guided Bar Crawl & Lap Club Entry in Benidorm : Information

Give the groom-to-be a quality night out during his stag do in Benidorm with this Bar Crawl & Lap Club Entry combo!

This is what a stag do is all about - booze and women! 

And, that's exactly what Maximise will get you and the lads with this impressive bar crawl that comes with FREE SHOTS in each!

What does your Bar Crawl & Lap Club Entry include:

One of our English-speaking guides, who have years of party experience and know Benidorm like the back of their hand, will meet you at your accommodation or after dinner and provide you and your Benidorm stag party with a great night, a boozy bar crawl and ensure you all get entry into the best bars and clubs Benidorm has to offer.

Don't worry, these are the sort of guides that won't talk about history or get drunk on Benidorm's beaches or architecture. On the other hand, it is certain they will get you drunk with this mammoth bars crawl. 

You'll visit a minimum of four bars and better yet, this impressive bar crawl that comes with FREE SHOTS in each bar!

Benidorm has some wild, vibrant and out-of-this-world nightlife on offer, whether you want relaxed bars by the beach or mega clubs that don't stop partying until the sun is up, our guides can tailor the crawl to suit you and your preferences.

What happens after the bar crawl:

Your night continues with a trip to one of the best lap clubs in town where you can do a spot of Spanish sightseeing! 

If 'hot' is your usual adjective when it comes to describing beautiful women, these Spanish senoritas are 'volcanic'!

Your guide will organise you and the lads with entry to the club and she will stay with you for the duration of the bar crawl and trip to the lap club, which is a must as these girls are not just volcanic but also a  little wilder than what they are back home.

Do not miss the BEST activity to do during your Benidorm stag do, if you can only choose one evening activity while you're there, this Bar Crawl & Lap Club Entry should be at the top of your list.

Why choose this Bar Crawl & Lap Club Entry:

Boasting over 2,000 bars and clubs, Benidorm is the ultimate stag do destination for an unforgettable bar crawl and a great night out.

However, with so much on offer, it can be difficult to know when to go and where to avoid. For every great watering hole, there is a dive bar or tourist trap and this Bar Crawl & Lap Club Entry activity ensure you only sample the best Benidorm has to offer.

Maximise always recommends this sort of evening activity on the first night of your stag do, it gives you the chance to get a feel for the nightlife and know what you like and where you'll hit up for the rest of the weekend. 

Our guides are friendly, beautiful, professional, have years of party experience and know Benidorm's nightlife better than you know the back of your hand.


While the guide will stay with you for several hours and only leave once you're settled in the club, there is a range of additional options and activities that can be included to make this night even more memorable for the future groom.

And, of course, there are some great stag stitch-ups that are always worth some consideration. One of our top picks is having the groom-to-be handcuffed to a dwarf for an hour.

Whether you shackle the two together as you embark on the bar crawl or build up his stripper expectations only to see his face when it comes to the not so big reveal.

Either way, it's a great prank and perfect for the stag do shenanigans in Benidorm.

Speaking of stripper expectations, Treat the stag do a strip show he'll never forget during his stag do in Benidorm!

We all like surprises so treat the stag to a double strip show for his prenuptial celebrations and watch the look on his face when at the end of the show one of the gorgeous girls reveals she is actually a he! Surprise...

As we said, Maximise really loves a good stag stitch up and some of the best of them happen when you're at the lap club. For this stripper stitch up, just when the stag thinks he's in for a nice treat, he'll be stripped from the waist down by the dancers and whipped with leather belts.

Always a winner with our stag parties! After his performance, he'll, of course, be allowed to stay and cheer himself up with a few dances from some of the girls. This time minus the belts and whipping! 

However, if you're for of the surprise kind than the stitch up kind, you can actually treat the stag during his Benidorm stag do. And we mean really treat the stag with a lesbian strip show during his lap club visit on the Bar Crawl & Lap Club Entry activity.

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