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Blackpool Stag Do

A favourite among the rich and famous, Blackpool is a city that never goes out of style and is perfect for a stag do.

15 people
2 Nights
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Unleash your inner child and prepare to get absolutely blind with a stag do in Blackpool. It's time to respect your drunken elders because this old town has been partying for decades and it's showing no sign of slowing up.

Famed for Blackpool Tower, beachfront promenade and theme park, it's no wonder Blackpool is Britain's oldest party town.

Packed full of bars, beaches, clubs and stag do activities, this seaside city has prenuptial partying written all over it. Whether it's soaking in the sun, hitting up its promenade or tackling its vibrant nightlife, Blackpool is as retro as it gets and it's ready to serve you up the ultimate British stag do.

Serving up a buffet of stag do shenanigans alongside seaside fun, whatever you're looking for on a stag do - Blackpool's got it in spades.

Blackpool is the original stag do in the UK for good reasons. Not only can you party hard at night, but you also have a town full of activities to make any stag party legendary!

For the most epic stag do in Blackpool start your weekend with a trip to Pleasure Beach, enjoy access to the park without queuing and unlimited rides all day. For lunch enjoy a fantastic Burger and Beer meal to get ready for the night ahead.

Drink in as many watering holes as possible with our Bar Crawl, Lap Club and Nightclub combo before enjoying VIP Entry into a Popular Bar, reserved seating areas and drink packages.

Start day two of the stag do with The Hangover Cure then enjoy all the hilarity that is Shock Football. Dig into a two-course lunch before getting competitive with Mini Highland Games and Laser Tag. Line your stomachs with an Italian dinner before hitting up a 70's themed venue.

The seaside town of Blackpool has a lot to offer your stag weekend.

They have your more traditional activities such as Paintball, Quad Biking and many more of your more sporty activities. We know you've done them before, but don't pretend like you don't want to do them again! But, if you have truly 'over-paintballed' yourself and are 'all-quaded-out' then we have some perfect alternatives.

Blackpool can also offer many other amazing activities such as Access to Pleasure Beach (and unlimited rides!), Pub Treasure Hunt and Blackpool's unique Segway Games!

Britain's Oldest party town sure does know how to throw one! Blackpool has been stag central for plenty of years. The incredible activities in the day pale in comparison to the excellent nightlife this seaside destination has to offer.

Start off by lining your stomachs with a delicious 2-course meal at a centrally located restaurant to give yourself the fuel to succeed where others have failed, a Blackpool Bar Crawl. After a while, you can always head over to the Lap Club so the stag can get the treatment he deserves! The best part is, they'll probably be only a few doors apart so you won't have to pay for taxis or walk for ages like you would in most cities.

You can get a pint fairly cheap as well, in London you're looking at around £4.00 for a pint. In Blackpool, you will generally be able to get a pint for around £2.50 - £3.

Doesn't sound like much of a saving? Think 20 guys, drinking 10 pints each. Then you'll see what we mean by a cheap pint, at least for the UK's standard!

In a seaside town, you can be forgiven for a little gambling. Take a walk to the centrally located Casino to see if you can enjoy Blackjack as much as you're enjoying Blackpool.

Blackpool has so much to offer a Stag weekend, from the great Bars & Clubs to the stylish, independently owned seaside restaurants, to the strip clubs right on the Promenade.

The Blackpool Tower is a great monument to check out on your stag weekend. You can get some great food there. There is also a glass floor, so don't look down...

An early afternoon Bar Crawl might be in order, we would recommend the Stag Pedal Bus without a doubt. Pedal between the Bars, checking out some of Blackpool's most famous sights on the way. It's basically the Bar Crawl Bike.

If you're looking to relax after a night of partying then why not head to Blackpool Beach? You could spend a top class day out, enjoying the sun, the sea and that delightful Blackpool Fish & Chips. Once it's late you could head on over to the North Pier Theatre (on the North Pier...) as there are many comedy and musical acts there almost every night.

15 people
2 Nights


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