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VIP Club Entry & Bottles for your Bordeaux Stag Do


  • VIP Club Entry & Bottles
  • Entry into one of the best clubs in Bordeaux
  • Cloakroom included
  • A bottle of spirits or a bottle of Champagne for every 3 people
  • Sodas included
  • This night club is located just minutes from the city centre

VIP Club Entry & Bottles in Bordeaux : Information

If you're going to party during the stag do, do it in style with this VIP Club Entry & Bottles combo!

Don't end up in a dive and don't sort your nightlife out on the night, plan ahead and ensure you'll have a great night out with this VIP Club Entry & Bottles combo during the stag do in Bordeaux. 


While entry to the club is pre-arranged, the security maintains the right to deny you and the lads access if you are too in inebriated or if you display any inappropriate or offensive behaviour.

And, while Maximise loves a good dress-up where the stag is publicly humiliated, some venues may not share our enthusiasm or yours. So, be mindful that a dress code could be in place and you can be denied entry for any ridiculous costumes. 

15 people
2 Nights


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