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Armoured Ride & Car Smash for your Bratislava Stag Do


  • 1-hour activity
  • Armoured Vehicle Ride
  • 3.6km ride - or 1.8km each way
  • Drive around the area of an old, abandoned factory
  • GoPro Video of the experience
  • Maximum capacity of 16 people
  • Car Smash activity 


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Armoured Ride & Car Smash in Bratislava : Information

When it comes to a stag do in Bratislava, it's all about being extreme and creating unforgettable memories with some seriously amazing activities. Something this Armoured Ride & Car Smash will have no trouble providing. 

It's the ideal activity for a group of lads who just can't get enough adrenaline and destruction. You and the lads will be strapped into a huge, powerful armoured vehicle as you drive around an abandoned factory.

The activity itself should take around 1 hour from start to finish as you have a 3.6km ride (1.8km each way) to the finish. It isn't a race against time though, we advise to take your time and smash up everything in sight. 

Then it's time for the every-so-popular Car Smash activity. Car Smash will see you loaded up with various weapons for smashing, bashing and busting up a car. Sort of like anger management, we can't recommend it enough, especially for the lads who've done everything before.

After the event is finished you get a video via a GoPro camera so you can remember the day forever!

15 people
2 Nights


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