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Airsoft Battle for my Bristol Stag Do


  • 3-Hour Session
  • Replica assault rifles, which fire high-density soft pellets
  • Military simulation
  • Flexible session times (adaptable to your schedule)
  • Face protection and equipment will be provided
  • Sensible trainers or boots are required. Long clothing or padded clothing such as hoodies is advised but not essential
  • Drinks are available for purchase while food can be arranged for an additional fee

Airsoft Battle in Bristol : Information

Looking for some intense, heart-racing combat action for your mate's stag do in Bristol?

Time to enter the battlefield...

Leave the paint and outside battlefield for another day, it's time to head inside for some close-combat on the Bristol stag weekend with this Indoor Airsoft Battle.

Armed with realistic imitation weapons, this military simulation sees you taking on a series of challenges designed to recreate the intensity of real battle scenarios. This place has everything from reconnaissance missions through to all-out assaults on enemy territory. 

You’ll begin with a briefing to learn how to handle the replica assault rifles, which fire high-density soft pellets at blistering speeds. Then it’s time to hit the battlefield, as you split into teams to tackle various challenges, games and armed battles.


While there is no paint and no mess, these pellets still pack a punch so sensible trainers or boots are required. Long sleeve clothing is also advised and while it's not essential padded clothing such as hoodies are recommended.  

You are able to purchase drinks on site and food can be arranged for an additional fee.

Because Airsoft Battle requires a fair bit of moving and running around, Maximise recommends enjoying this high-intensity activity on the first day of your Bristol Stag weekend before the mammoth drinking and hangovers kick in.

 Finish the day up with a Burger and Baps Lunch and at night, sample all of Bristol's best nightlife with a Guided Bar Crawl.

Other top Bristol stag weekend activities include paintball, karting, rage buggies, assault rifle shooting, clay pigeon shootingbubble football, 4-Activity Comboescape rooms and West Country Games.

15 people
2 Nights


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