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Outdoor Karting for my Bucharest Stag Do


  • 10 minutes race time per person
  • Instructor
  • Local English Speaking Guide
  • Return transfer

Outdoor Karting in Bucharest : Information

A Stag Do favourite, Outdoor Karting is bound to be a hit on any Stag Do.

The stag likes speed and pedal-to-the-metal action does he? 

Not just a stag party classic, but an activity that never gets old, this Karting session will be a great addition to your Stag Do in Bucharest.

 It's time to see who is the fastest once and for all. With return transfers to the track, you and the boys will be thrashing around this Outdoor circuit - the perfect excuse for some light competition!

Time trials and drifting competitions are just two excellent games you guys can play to determine who's buying the first round of drinks tonight.

You'll each get 10 minutes race time on this fantastic outdoor track, so put your driving skills to the test and show the lads who the real champ is.

What makes Karting a top activity for a Stag Do in Bucharest?

We don't call it a Stag Do classic for no reason. Karting has long term been a favourite among guys young and old, factor in that glorious Bucharest sunshine and you have a recipe for Stag Do success.

Bringing all the action of Mario Kart (on Nintendo 64 of course), which we all loved as kids, to real life. Karting is a legendary activity for a Stag Do as nothing beats some heart-pumping, adrenaline-filled competition to get you going for the night ahead. And trust us, any night on a Maximise Stag Do is a one crazy time.

Nothing gets your blood-pumping quite like a few laps flying around the track does. From the moment you see the lights flash green until you cross the finish line, Karting is a non-stop thrill ride and the perfect competition between mates on a Stag Do in Bucharest.

We've never had any complaints and after sending hundreds, even thousands of groups Karting we can assure you it is one hell of a good time. It has to be the undisputed Stag Do Activity Champion of the World, you know, if there was such a thing.

The speed, the adrenaline, the competitiveness, that's exactly why Karting never goes out of fashion. Truly a must do for any group of Stags.

What should you do before or after Outdoor Karting in Bucharest?

Bucharest is a terrific city with a huge array of different activities so there are endless possibilities for a Stag Do. At Maximise we understand some Outdoor Karting can work up quite the appetite and luckily the city you're in is a culinary masterclass and a delicious Steak Dinner is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Romania has great food up and down the country but Bucharest is certainly the home of it. If you can be encouraged a little further try our Wine & Angus Beef Tasting activity. This will give you an understanding of how Romanians cook and also the different food and wine pairings that are commonplace here.

One Stag Do favourite down and a few more to go! Paintball is another option for you as it is literally a Stag's best friend. We've sent so many groups we couldn't even begin to tell you how many positive reviews we've had when it comes to paintball. The best part about it is 99% of guys love it and the 1% who don't? Stag Do prank of the century.

Another top class activity you could try is our AK47 Shooting, what can we say? Romania is pretty chilled out when it comes to gun laws, at least it is compared to the UK, so you really should take advantage of it. There is only one negative about this and that is the need to be sober, we're sorry, we'd love to shoot an AK drunk as well but apparently it's not safe...

If you and the guys are looking to hit up the Pub after the Outdoor Karting then how about we send the Pub to you? Take a ride on the so called 'Pub on Wheels' the famous Beer Bike! As well as having a drink with the boys you can check out some of the famous sights in the city, there are a fair few for you to check out so don't down the beer too fast! 

The Wheels on the Club go round and round? You're damn right they do.

Good to Know:

If you're undecided or still unsure and want some more information on Bucharest Stag Do's, this Outdoor Karting activity or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

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2 Nights


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