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Hot Rod City Tour for your Budapest Stag Do


  • 2-hour Hot Rod City Tour
  • English speaking guide
  • Maximum of 12 people
  • A maximum speed of 90km/h
  • Hot Rod City Tour is available during day time & night time
  • Activity available from March 18 (weather dependent activity)
  • Valid Driving Licence is a prerequisite
  • Must be completely sober - no alcohol in system 0.00%
  • Transfer to the venue excluded, but the location is very central

Hot Rod City Tour in Budapest : Information

Budapest is no ordinary city, so you shouldn't discover it with an ordinary city tour.

For the stag do in Budapest, discover the city in a fast-paced and fun way with this Hot Rod City Tour.

Day or night, you'll visit some of the most popular and important attractions in Budapest during this 2-hour Hot Rod City Tour.

Far more fun and thrilling than just hopping on a bus or walking around the city, the Hot Rod City Tour is a great way to discover Budapest for a stag party. 


In Hungary, it is absolutely forbidden to drive any type of motor vehicle after having consumed alcoholic drinks. This means your blood alcohol level must be 0.00%

15 people
2 Nights


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