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Top Stag Party Activities for 2020

Planning a stag do in 2020, 2021 or any other year in the future? Check out the most popular stag do activities for the ultimate stag do weekend.

So you have the honour of being your best friend's ultimate wingman and you're in charge of one of the biggest parties, you'll ever throw...it's the big day...it's THE STAG DO!

Destination, accommodation, booze and babes aside you will need to also organise some legendary activities that please not only the lads but the groom in waiting as well.

Feel the pressure mounting!

Pick from any of these great activities, add in some beer and babes and you and the lads are sure to have an epic stag do.

Kicking the list off with a classic...PAINTBALL!

A stag party activity so classic it needs no introduction.

A stag do staple and a legendary stag party activity, there are few better ways to get trigger happy and shoot your mates than paintball. You might have done it a hundred times before, or by some miracle never tried it, but it’s always a crowd pleaser and an easy way to keep a big group of lads entertained on a stag do – wherever you end up! 

Stag do Airsoft

If you feel like getting the adrenalin pumping and want to shoot your mates with loaded weapons on your stag do in 2020, but don't want the mess of paintball than AIRSOFT is your answer.

The latest craze in combat gaming and stag weekend activities, Airsoft offers the complete package for combat game enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies.

Armed with realistic imitation weapons and replica military equipment, Airsoft sees you in the midst of the battlefield dodging a firing of plastic pellets while you unleash hell on your mates.

There’s no paint and no mess but don’t worry it will still hurt like hell if you shoot your opponent close enough.

Hit the water on your Stag Do in 2020

Whether you are on a catamaran, tour boat or private yacht during the stag do, hitting the water is always a top way to party as well as explore the city you are in.

Maximise can organise everything from a delicious BBQs and meals onboard to live music and even some lovely-naked girls to keep you company.

So, whether you are cruising down the Danube or Vistula or cruising through the Mediterranean, hitting the water is always a great activity for a stag do. 

Or, Upgrade to a Booze Cruise...

It doesn't get much more quintessential of a stag do, than partying under the sun and cruising some crystal clear water while you enjoy unlimited booze on a Booze Cruise.

It doesn't get much more quintessential of a stag do, than partying under the sun and cruising some crystal clear water while you enjoy unlimited booze on a Booze Cruise.

There are few ways better to spend a stag weekend in 2020 than lazing on a sun-soaked deck with a cold beer in hand while cruising clear blue seas... in fact, we'd struggle to think of anything better we'd prefer!

Depending on your destination you can book private hire for just your group or an open Booze Cruise for a wilder atmosphere. Party on deck, cool off with a dip in the sea or just lay back and catch some rays.

Destroy a car with Car Smash!

A one of a kind activity for your stag do party, get destructive with the slightly insane Car Smash in some of our top stag party destinations including Amsterdam, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Cologne, Hamburg and Prague.

Rapidly growing in popularity for a stag weekend activity, Car Smash will see you loaded up with various weapons for smashing, bashing and busting up a car.

Sort of like anger management, we can't recommend it enough, especially for the lads who've done everything before. Car Smash is totally unique, totally fun and totally perfect for a group of lads on a stag do.

Did we mention, you get to completely destroy a car without facing any consequences...

The hella hilarious Bubble Football

Fifty-percent zorbing, fifty-percent 5-a-side football and 100 percent amazing!

Oh yes, Bubble Football remains on top as a top stag party activity. It's been gaining popularity since it first appeared on TV screens in 2011 and showing no signs of slowing down.

While the same rules of 5-a-Side apply, that's about where the similarities end. Tackles fly in from every direction sending everybody flying, it's unique and most importantly hilariously competitive and fun.

You're going to need a camera for this fast-paced and hilarious stag party activity because you're going to want to watch this again and again.

Bubble Football can be played on both indoor and outdoor fields and generally you require a minimum of 8 people to play. Better yet, it's available throughout the UK and our abroad destinations. 

The driving experience like no other

For a thrill-seeking, adrenaline-pumping ride of your life, don't go past a Tank Driving activity for you or your mate's stag do.

Unless the stag is a military man, the chances he's driven a tank before are pretty slim. So, don't let him miss out on this amazing opportunity to take control of a mammoth war machine during his stag do. This is the real thing, it doesn't get much more extreme than this!

Whether you are a passenger or get to take control of the gears, if you're after an unforgettable experience, this is one for the record books because Tank Driving will get the blood and adrenaline pumping like never before. 

Get on ya Bike!

Get on ya bike during the stag do. But, not just any bike...the Beer Bike, of course!

Oh yes, we do love the Beer Bike...

Somewhat like a travelling pub on wheels, you and the lads can stag do in style as you pedal, sightsee and booze your way around your stag do destination on Beer Bike.

While it's now been banned in some city centre such as Madrid, there are still plenty of great cities offering this superb stag party activity and it's guaranteed to be a it with the lads. 

Sexy Wrestling

Whether it's oil, jelly, chocolate or mud, nothing beats watching two sexy girls in skimpy outfits getting down on all fours to battle it out to be the stag's champion.

Seriously, these sexy wrestling activities are so good, we are sure they come straight for the stag gods!

So, let's get ready to rumble with two sexy girls, covered in mud or jelly or oil, getting down and dirty!

Regardless of where you want to head during for your mate's stag weekend, a Sexy Wrestling is one activity that is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser!

Even better than naked girls fighting down on their hands and knees is when the stag is dragged into the pit during the final round. Watch him get down, dirty, unclothed and destroyed by the girls for the ultimate stag humiliation and satisfaction.

In addition to sexy girls getting down and wrestling, maximise also offer 'standard' stripteases, strip club entry, limo tour or cruises with strippers, airport transfers with strippers and plenty more stripper action for the stag do.

For the trigger happy stags

Yes, it's time to add some gunpowder the weekend's events and let the stag do go off with a bang!

From the dawn of time, men have loved shooting things. Whether we are hunting, shooting a glass bottle in the bush or playing Call of Duty, there is no denying we like shooting stuff and a shooting session during a stag weekend is no exception.

So, give up the controls and get your hands on some serious weaponry during your stag do with a competitive and thrilling Shooting Package. No more hiding behind a TV or computer screen, its the real deal for your stag weekend.

All things water sports

Whether it's Jet Skiing, Banana Boats, Parasailing or whatever other crazy concoction you fancy, there's a wide range of water-based activities to entertain you and the lads on the stag do in 2020.

Take your pick from activities like Powerboats, River Rafting, Wakeboarding and more. Depending on your location you can do a whole day or just a taster, beach-based or lake - we have the best selection in your chosen location.

For more stag do activities, ideas, nightlife options, accommodation options and more, head over to our main page, the destination of your choice or give our team a call on 0208 236 0111.

Alternatively, you can complete an Express Inquiry and receive your free quotes, more information and ideas.