Lesbian Strip Show


IT’S essential there must be a stripper during the stag do in Benidorm, but why have just one stripper when you could have two. And not just any two but two lesbian strippers.

Treat yourself and the lads to a Lesbian Strip Show during your stag do in Benidorm, not just for your pleasure, but for theirs too.

Trust us, the lads will be extra thankful for this saucy and sexy addition to the stag do.

Two strippers, a shot each and located at a city centre venue, this is the best way to start your stag do celebrations. 


  • Two female strippers
  • 15-minute show
  • Lesbian striptease show
  • from 10pm onwards
  • 1 Shot each
  • City centre venue
  • Can be added onto bar crawl or meal options

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