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Tandem Parasailing for my Benidorm Stag Do

Tandem Parasailing in Benidorm : Information

Take to the skies for the experience of a lifetime during your stag do in Benidorm with Tandem Parasailing

Parasailing, a casual 45 metres above the sea, will provide you with some great views! of your stag do destination and even better memories of your stag do celebrations.

You will have the chance to cool off in the sea with a swim during the trip, but the adrenaline will be pumping the whole way through........Perfect!

Tandem Parasailing in Benidorm : Includes

  • Tandem parasailing experience
  • Safety briefing
  • All safety equipment provided
  • Fully qualified instructor
  • A fantastic experience on your hen weekend in Benidorm
  • Boat takes 4 people at a time and is at sea for an hour

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