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Shock Football for my Bristol Stag Do

Shock Football in Bristol : Information

For a proper shocker of a stag do in Bristol, opt for a great game of football!

You’ve done 5-A-Side, bubble football and been to more matches than Beckham, it's time for something different and by different we mean the brand new craze to the stag do activity scene – Shock Football!!

 Just your standard five a side kick about… where the players, and even the ref, are rigged up to electric shock machines.

 Two players from each of the teams will play umpire and have complete control over who gets shocked and when and why!

You’ll all get a go at being in charge of the shock controls… so you’ll all get a chance to get even with whoever gets a bit trigger happy. A coordinator will be on hand to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible, guide you through various games, declare the victors… and probably make sure nothing gets too out of hand!

Shock Football in Bristol : Includes

  • 1 hour activity
  • All equipment and venue
  • Event coordinator
  • Variety of games
  • Bottle of bubbly
  • Group photo
  • Minimum of 10 people
  • Maximum of 15 people

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