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Crazy Triplex for my Budapest Stag Do

Crazy Triplex in Budapest : Information

Crazy accommodation for a crazy stag do in Budapest!

Three levels of party accommodation for your stag do in Budapest, located in the heart of the city this Crazy Triplex is the ideal stag party accommodation.

On the lower level, you'll find all the entertainment and with TVs, a Billiard Table, Arcade Consol and a Poker Table, it's where you'll probably spend most of your time

On the upper levels, you'll find a kitchen, two bathrooms and your open bedrooms.

Crazy Triplex in Budapest : Includes

  • Superb loft on 3 floors in the city centre
  • 2 nights minimum
  • Close to the main bars and restaurants
  • 14 people maximum
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 3 open sleeping spaces
  • Sheets and towels included
  • Billiard Table, Arcade Consol and a Poker Table
  • Wifi, cleaning and TV included
  • Deposit of €1000 required on arrival

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