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Daddy Limo Transfer for my Budapest Stag Do

Daddy Limo Transfer in Budapest : Information

Enjoy a ride in Europe's biggest limousine for the ultimate airport transfer during your stag do in Budapest.

This Daddy Limo Transfer is as VIP and as big as they come. There is no better transport for a big group of lads then this Daddy Limo Transfer. No need to be separated in a number of taxis or minibuses or worse get public transport - this is the best ride you'll ever have.

Complete with comfy seats, sunroof, TVs, ridiculous sound system and even a Stripper Pole, this mammoth vehicle is sure to help get the party started from the moment you leave the airport.

One of our English-speaking guides will meet you at the airport and accompany you to your accommodation as well!

But don't leave  that stripper pole lonely, you can really spice things up by getting a stripper to provide some on board entertainment.

Daddy Limo Transfer in Budapest : Includes

  • The transfer from the airport to your accommodation in the Daddy Limo
  • Another vehicle follows the Daddy Limo to carry luggage
  • 1 bottle of champagne (+ possibility to bring back your bottles)
  • Maximum 33 people
  • Guide

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