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Red Scorpion Shooting for my Budapest Stag Do

Red Scorpion Shooting in Budapest : Information

Ak 47, Rifle and Machine Gun shooting. Our special package inspired by the movie, Red Scorpion!

While the movie might be a little old now and even before your time, it's guns are not and there is nothing old about this trigger-happy activity for your stag do in Budapest. 

Our guide will meet you and take you to the shooting range with our minibus transfers. After you've been briefed and given the safety talk, you'll be able to put your skills, accuracy and aim to the test.

You'll be loaded up with 25 bullets each and an AK 47, Automatic Rifle, Machine Gun and more.

Red Scorpion Shooting in Budapest : Includes

  • Training with instructor
  • AK 47, Automatic Rifle, Machine Gun and more
  • 25 bullets each
  • Shoot fixed and moving targets
  • A round of beer
  • 2-3hour activity 
  • return activity transfers

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