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Beer Tasting for my Gdansk Stag Do

Beer Tasting in Gdansk : Information

After brewing beer for well over a thousand years, it's safe to say the Polish know a thing or two about the amber nectar.

Europe's third-largest beer producer, producing 36.9 million hectolitres a year, it's no surprise the country as a flourishing Craft Beer scene, which is all the more reason to sample some Polish beer during your stag do in Gdansk with this Beer Tasting session.

This is an activity for all beer lovers who want to try out new flavours and learn a little about the brewing process.

You'll each get to sample three different beers and the brewer will explain a little bit about the history of the beer as well as the brewing process.  As passionate as he is, he may even share some brew secrets! 

You can of course also buy more beers on site to drink there or bring home with you. If desired, there is also the possibility to eat on site or move on to other bars and clubs near the brewery.

Beer Tasting in Gdansk : Includes

  • Beer tasting session
  • Try 3 different beers
  • Professional brewer
  • Local guide
  • Additional beers and food available for purchase 

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