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European Beer Tasting for my Liverpool Stag Do

European Beer Tasting in Liverpool : Information

Think you know beer? Think again!

We might have recently voted to opt out of the old EU, but we've never once questioned their knowledge on beer. From Brussels to Munich to Prague, they've got some of the best beers going! Our beer guide will take you through all things beer and best of all you'll get to sample a mix of all of them on your tasting session, including German and Czech beers. Once you've had your tastings, you'll get to pick your favourite to have an entire pint of to accompany your delicious bratwurst lunch! Prost!

European Beer Tasting in Liverpool : Includes

  • 1 hour event
  • Held in a centrally located beerhall
  • 4 specially selected European beers to try
  • 1 pint of your choice from tastings
  • Bratwurst in bun
  • Expert beer guide to show you the ropes of degustation
  • If you're in the mood to continue boozing, we also have boozy beer pong packages available at the same venue to get your stag night started right!

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