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Quads and Clays for my Newcastle Stag Do

Quads and Clays in Newcastle : Information

Sometimes the only way to sort the men from the boys is some healthy competition during a stag do.

And, the best kind of competition for a stag do in Newcastle would have to be Quads and Clays.

The quad bikes were built for adrenaline junkies, and the course challenges even the most hard-core thrill seekers. With these machines, it's all about driving skills, so perfect for bragging rights during the stag do.

For the exciting clay pigeon shooting, you'll need to keep your eye fixed firmly on the clay as it heads off into the sky, before being splintered into a thousand different pieces at the pull of your trigger. Well, that's the idea anyway.

Quads and Clays in Newcastle : Includes

  • All equipment
  • Safety training
  • Instructors
  • 25 clays each
  • Minimum of 8 people required

Quads and Clays Newcastle for your stag weekend with stag Maximise

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