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Karaoke Rooms for my Newcastle Stag Do

Karaoke Rooms in Newcastle : Information

Whether it's 'Living on a Prayer' or 'Angels' - Everyone loves a bit of karaoke and it's always a perfect addition to a stag do.

Get control of the microphone and belt out some classics during your stag do in Newcastle.

We'll arrange a private area in a popular Newcastle venue for you and the lads to sing/butcher all the songs you want! 

The selection of tracks is incredible and drinks can be provided if requested!

Karaoke Rooms in Newcastle : Includes

  • Private room hire
  • Centrally located venue
  • Equipment, microphones and choice of music from a huge selection
  • Drinks can be included in the package
  • Please note prices may vary according to your group size
  • Larger groups may require 2 rooms

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