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The capital of Latvia, Riga, boasts the perfect mix of old and new. It's a city where you can find everything you need and more for your stag do, regardless of the time of year.

During the summer months, you can hit the beach on your stag do. It's just outside the city centre and well worth a visit for the festival-style partying throughout July and August. There is also no shortage of stag do activities, our favourites are wakeboarding, water tube rides and a yacht charter with strippers to name a few.

While in the summer month you can bask in all the Baltic glory, in winter you'ill hit up one of the mountain regions and enjoy winter activities from snowmobile safari, bobsledding to skiing or snowboarding.

Throw in some epic nightlife for good measure and you've got yourself everything you need to have an unforgettable stag do.

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