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Tallinn Stag Do

Historic churches, cobblestone streets, palaces, museums and galleries, Tallinn is a capital city packed full or history, culture and sightseeing for your stag do.

While Tallinn might strike you as a quaint-worldly destination for your stag do, we can tell you first-hand it certainly knows how to party.

Tallinn has been partying since the beginning of the thirteenth century when the Danish Vikings rolled in, who, we assume brought a hell of a lot of beer with them because Tallinn is renowned for cheap beer and an epic nightlife. The best of Tallinn's nightlife is situated in the historic Old Town. For the size of the city, there are a surprisingly high number of bars, pubs, clubs and strip clubs, making it a seriously stag do friendly destination with loads on offer.

During the day soak up the sun on Tallinn's beautiful beaches or take to the sea on a Stripper Yacht, Sailing Cruise, or Sea Kayak, the options are endless.

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