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Frankfurt Stag Do

A variety of clubs and it's own Red Lights District are making Frankfurt one hell of a stag do city.

15 people
2 Nights
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The birthplace of Techno music, Frankfurt has everything you need and more for a Stag Do. During the past few decades, this city has had some of the best clubs in the world and its time to experience that for yourselves. Frankfurt is one of the business capitals of Europe, but that doesn't stop it from going in hard at night.

It has a huge array of clubs offering different styles of music, as well as many breweries and excellent activities, making it an ideal destination for any Stag Do, regardless of your budget. The large student population means the clubs are cheap, open till late and live all night long.

Frankfurt is bound to have what you want. Whether you want that to be a heart-pumping night in one of the nightclubs, or an afternoon cruising along the Rhine River, we know there will be something for you all.

As well as all that there are tonnes of fantastic day activities like Paintball and Quad Biking, and plenty of gorgeous women just waiting for you!

It may be the financial centre of Europe but that doesn't stop Frankfurt from turning it up when the sun goes down.

The first day of your Stag Do needs to be chilled, enjoyable and most importantly, drenched in alcohol. Before the Stag Do festivities get underway why not try out Bubble Football? It's truly hilarious and a must-do for any Stag Weekend away.

After you've rolled all over the place you and the lads will hit up the bars of Frankfurt on one of our legendary bar crawls for a Top Night Out! We will send an English Speaking Guide and she will take your group around some of the best pubs in the city before ending up at a local Nightclub to keep the party going all night long.

Make sure you wake up on the right side of the bed with our Sexy Wake-Up. This really is a favourite of ours and it's not hard to see why. A gorgeous Stripper will arrive at your accommodation and give the Stag one hell of an early morning tease! Day two of a Stag Do is important and this gets things kicked off in the right fashion.

After you've all been teased out of bed by the Stripper its time to head out, we will provide transfers to and from a junkyard (we know, weird way to start...) for our epic Car Smash activity. Yes, this is exactly how it sounds!

The second night of a Stag Do is as important as the first, its that last chance to stock yourself full of alcohol before you head back home. With that in mind, you should take a ride on our Club on Wheels, the Party Bus! Any night out with Maximise is truly incredible and a couple of nights in Frankfurt will leave you speechless.

One of our favourite cities to travel to, Frankfurt has its fair share of Stag Do favourites as well. First things first, Frankfurt has tonnes of activities to offer but none compare to the Stag Do King, Paintball. It's exceptional here as you have all the tactical gear while playing in either an indoor or outdoor venue.

If we're talking about Stag Do favourites then it would be criminal not to mention our Combat Archery. Similar to Paintball, Combat Archery is for the Stag's with more sense than stupid, why be covered in bruises when you don't have to, right?

Another top-class activity is Footgolf, and it is sure to leave you in a heap of laughter during the Stag Do. It's relatively new and it's not something you see so often so we think it's well worth a go. So think golf; throw all the clubs away, enlarge the size of the hole, replace the golf ball for a football and you've got one insane game!

Major Financial Centre of Europe, home of International Business' Headquarters, at night Frankfurt sheds its corporate skin in favour of a more party-friendly layer and we couldn't be happier about it.

As the business rates become more expensive it's getting cheaper every day for people like you or I and a big reason for this is the huge student population. Frankfurt is home to some 40,000 students and you can certainly feel their presence in the area of Bockenheim that surrounds the university, the streets are packed with many cheap pubs and clubs and we have them to thank for that.

We have so much nightlife to offer you its almost unreal and the huge range of pubs and clubs ensure we can give you a Top Night Out. There is a pretty large amount of bars between the Dreieichstrasse and Bruckenstrasse areas. We even have an Irish Pub!

One of our most popular nightlife activities is a visit to one of the cities Strip Clubs. Stag Do and Strip Club just go together, one without the other is like Salt without Pepper or Wallace without Gromit, it just doesn't happen.

Hop on board the Cider (Apfelwein) Tram! This insane activity is exclusive to Frankfurt so you won't be able to do it anywhere else, at least not at the moment. You and the lads will ride through the city, on a Tram, checking out plenty of sites as you get drunk. Ahh, perfect.

Did you know Frankfurt has its own Red Light District? Well, it does. The Bahnhofsviertel is a district in Frankfurt and it houses the vast majority of the cities' adult entertainment and Red-Light District, especially around Taunusstrasse. Frankfurt actually has the largest brothel in Germany.

Get a hotdog? You're in the home of the Frankfurter so it would be insulting not to try one. You wouldn't go to India without eating a curry, you wouldn't go to China without eating noodles, so would you go to Frankfurt without eating a Frankfurter? Go figure.

If any of the lads are football fans then you could visit football club Eintracht Frankfurt at the 51,500 capacity Commerzbank-Arena. It is an old club, one of the eldest in Germany, and was founded in 1899. You could go one better and try to get tickets for a game, the fans are passionate and the cheap beers inside would be a plus to any Stag Do.

For the Stag who enjoys his architecture you should visit the Römerberg area of Frankfurt. There are 6 traditionally styled buildings that look majorly different to anything we have back home. They're almost Victorian like, but with a splash more colour.

15 people
2 Nights


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