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Galway Stag Do

Located just on the western coast, Galway remains Ireland's top stag do destination and for a very good reason.

15 people
2 Nights
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Galway is exploding with electric bars and restaurants that see pints of Guinness being downed by the keg. There is also lots of top stag accommodation and an unlimited list of stag do activities, Galway won't disappoint!

With very affordable flights, stunning girls and an array of delicious local grub, there's plenty of reasons to go to Galway for a stag do.

If you're looking for a great seaside location (without those Dublin prices), homely pubs serving delicious pints, and activities that will keep all the lads entertained, then get on the phone and start organising your Galway stag do.

Not to mention the clubs are fantastic, too!

Start your stag do in Galway with hassle-free airport transfers. Forget about taxis and public transport, we will make sure you get to your stag do accommodation and back to the airport without any stress.

On day one of your stag do get tucked into the stag weekend classics, with some Paintball and Karting on the activity menu before hitting up Galway's vibrant nightlife scene.

For day two of your stag do enjoy the crashing and bopping action of Bubble Football and if your actual team is playing, we can sort you guys out with entry into a Big Screen Pub to watch the game. You don't have to tell us how annoying it can be to miss a game when you're abroad!

Don't miss out on anything at night. So to avoid long queues we can reserve a table for you at a local, centrally located restaurant for dinner before embarking on the most epic Pub Crawl. If you can keep going we recommend hitting up one of Galway's excellent Nightclubs.

In Galway, there are a relatively small, but great choice of activities to choose from for your Stag Do.

We can offer your fair share of Stag Do favourites such as Paintball, Archery and Karting. Which we know will hit the spot with pretty much any Stag group.

Some groups have done this all before. Luckily for us (and you!) we also have a fantastic selection of alternative activities. One thing we have to recommend is playing some Gaelic Sports, its a top activity for a stag weekend. Also, due to the Irish are known for somewhat violent sports its also a pretty great prank to play on the stag!

Another top activity is our Canoeing and Aquasphere, located in a beautiful bay, you and the guys will spend some time out on the sea having a right laugh.

This is again an excellent prank for a stag, once you're all knackered from Canoeing the day away, you'll be popped into the Aquasphere and rolled down a hill as you guys get absolutely soaked!

With a nightlife scene renowned around Ireland, Galway is sure to serve you with a top night out on your Stag Do.

There is a massive amount of family-run Pubs, vibrant Clubs and Lap Clubs so you guys won't be short of places to go on a night out.

One thing we do recommend is hitting the Pubs on your first night, it'll give you a good idea on what places you liked and also what places to avoid, we can organise a Pub Crawl for you so you don't have to worry about anything other than how hungover you'll be tomorrow.

If the Pub Crawl hasn't taken you out, take a short walk down to one of Galway's centrally-located Nightclubs and drink until the wee hours of the morning!

On the second night you may fancy something a little different, Maximise and Galway have you covered. A Night at the Dogs Track is a big part of Irish culture and a must-do for a Stag Do. Who knows, you might even win yourself the money it took to get you here? You never know until you try...

Attention all Whiskey lovers, Galway is world-famous for its high-quality Whiskey. Considering there are plenty of Pubs it seems like a good fit. Head over there and you'll see exactly what we're talking about. It's incredible.

As with most of Ireland, Galway has a rich, long history and there are plenty of old building, Castles and monuments that play the rich history out for us. If your group fancies something different for your Stag Weekend how about heading down to Dunguaire Castle or the staggering Aran Islands. We know you won't regret it.

There are many walking tours in Galway, you can see lots of cites in and around the city centre. Alternatively, there are also bus tours which take you out of the centre and into the country, where there are amazing, high cliffs and even some buildings that are several hundred years old!

15 people
2 Nights


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