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Airsoft for my Gdansk Stag Do


  • 2 hours
  • Indoor venue hire
  • 600 balls
  • The venue is a 6-storey old building
  • Safety equipment
  • Instructor
  • Replica weapons
  • Return transfer & guide included 

Airsoft in Gdansk : Information

If you feel like getting the adrenalin pumping and want to shoot your mates with loaded weapons on your stag do in Gdansk than AIRSOFT is your answer.

The latest craze in combat gaming and stag do activities, Airsoft offers the complete package for combat game enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike.

Armed with realistic-imitation weapons and replica military equipment, Airsoft sees you in the in the midst of the battlefield dodging a firing of plastic pellets while you unleash hell on your mates.

Your battlefield is a six-story building with plenty of hiding places and vantage points to cream the competition.

There’s no paint and no mess but don’t worry it will still hurt like hell if you shoot your opponent close enough. Are you up for the challenge?

15 people
2 Nights


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