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Glasgow Stag Do

Glasgow is one of the best up-and-coming stag do destinations to grace the British Isles, it's even giving the capital a run for its money.

15 people
2 Nights
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If you're looking for real partying, Aye, you've found it in Glasgow. Let Scotland's Party Capital take care of things. A chaotic city that knows how to have a laugh, Glasgow is the perfect place for a hardcore Stag Do.

During the day you can enjoy the huge array of traditional, Scottish pubs as well as the hilarious local Glaswegians. There is a lot of action-packed activities that even the craziest Adrenaline Junkie would be thrilled to do! Whatever you're looking for, Glasgow has your back.

Even though Glasgow is a phenomenal city with an amazing history, it also has a vibrant, exciting present. Making it a perfect location for a Stag Do.

On day one of your Stag Do, its good to take some time to get the know the local area. Start the day off on the right side of the bed with some clean, comfortable accommodation, before heading out into the town for our Boozy Brunch. This will give you and the guys some time to have a laugh before the adrenaline starts pumping!

Once you've got that big breakfast down, jump in a cab and get ready for some Crane Bungee Jumping! This immense, 164ft crane dwarfs the landscape around it. We would highly recommend this activity for a Stag Weekend, although we wouldn't do it ourselves!

Once the nerves settle its time to go out. Its 9pm, you're in Glasgow, so there is only one solution... Pub. Join us on one of our epic Bar Crawls with Club Entry.

Glasgow, Pub, Club, Drinks, Girls, need I go on?

On day two of your Stag Do save yourself some money with one of our combo deals. Bubble Football and Combat Archery are two top class activities, one is hilarious and the other can be highly competitive (Combat Archery of course, the only competitiveness with Bubble Football is who can laugh the least!). Its the perfect blend for your weekend.

At night we're taking it a step further. Last night you already hit up the club, but now you're going as a VIP! Premium Booth VIP Entry is the one for you. 

When the sun is up, this Scottish party city offers Stag groups some amazing days out and top Stag Do activities.

Glasgow has your more traditional Stag Do activities such as Karting, Paintball and Bubble Football. These entertaining activities are a favourite with Stag Do's, they work for any group size and almost anyone can participate. We know every guy has done this before, so if you fancy something different, Glasgow is here for you.

If you're looking for action-packed, adrenaline powered activities, Glasgow is in a class of its own. One great activity for you to try is our White Water Rafting. A day floating down the Tummel River may sound relaxing but we can assure you, it isn't. This is a 3-hour activity so you and the boys have loads of time to get to grips with this challenging sport and show you have what it takes.

Other top activities in Glasgow include Footdarts, Craft Beer Tasting, Shock Football and our Play with a Legend experience. We've got loads of football legends available like Gary McAllister, Pat Nevin and Andy Goram so don't miss out!

There isn't enough time left in our lives to talk about all the world-class nightlife options you have in Glasgow, so lets talk about some of the best ones we can offer you for your Stag Do. The City is alive at night, it's one experience you just can't pass up on.

Begin your night with a Stag Do classic, the Strip Club! We can set you up with a private table and a private waitress to take care of all, or most, of your needs. Anything she can't help with, maybe a Stripper could help instead?

When in Glasgow do as Glaswegians do and go to the club. Don't just walk in though, stroll into your very own private, VIP area with our VIP Booth Package, to make things even better, this personalised booth is packed to the brim with alcohol!

Other popular nightlife activities in Glasgow are Bar Crawls, Steak Dinners and a Night at the Dog Track so don't miss out on these incredible experiences.

If you're looking to fly to your destination, Glasgow is a perfect choice. Flights from London take about an hour and you can usually find return flights for around £50, quite often less.

For the Stag who likes to sample some culture, check out the Glasgow Cathedral. Its an ancient Cathedral built in 1197 and still standing today. Best of all, it is in a truly stunning area and is a great place to chill out and have a wee bite to eat with the group.

Scotland's best and biggest Party City, Glasgow, is known for more than just adrenaline-packed activities, heart-pumping nightlife and the strongest accent known to man. Aye, it is also known for it's world-renowned Art Galleries. The Kelvingrove and The Hunterian Art Galleries are two terrific locations and definitely worthy of a visit.

A Stag who loves football would certainly love a trip to visit Ibrox Stadium. Opened as Ibrox Park in 1899, the third oldest and third largest stadium in Scotland is home to Rangers FC and is a truly stunning venue.

15 people
2 Nights


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