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Airsoft for my Glasgow Stag Do


  • Half a day of awesome airsoft games
  • Firearm training
  • All equipment and safety gear
  • One magazine of ammo
  • Bring some sturdy footwear, as no trainers are allowed on the course! 
  • Extra BBs are available to buy on-site. 

Airsoft in Glasgow : Information

Forget about Call of Duty! Experience a day of combat like no other!

On your Glasgow stag weekend, get armed and dangerous as you head out into 150 acres of awesome outdoor warfare! This forest based experience mixes woodland, rivers, bunkers, bridges and dams, creating a sense of realism that can't be replicated elsewhere. With a number of different game play styles, you'll have to plan ahead and create tactics, taking your opponents smarts and wits, as well as snipers and camouflaged enemies! 

15 people
2 Nights


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