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Footgolf for my Glasgow Stag Do


  • Specially adapted golf course
  • Approximately 1-2 hour activity depending on course & group size
  • Green fees, scorecards & all equipment
  • Different games and prizes
  • Two great Stag Do sports rolled into one
  • Small deposit may be required

Footgolf in Glasgow : Information

And now for something completely different...
Footgolf is the bizarre love child of two of the world's greatest sports: football & golf and it’s the latest craze to sweep the nation. Tee off (or kick off... we're not really sure) by hoofing your football as far down the fairway as you can.

The aim is simple - get your football in the larger-than-normal golf hole in the fewest kicks possible, so just hammering the ball won't work every time! 

We'll sort you out with a round of footgolf and provide each of you with a ball, a scorecard, green fees and everything else you need.

15 people
2 Nights


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