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Binocular Football for my Hamburg Stag Do


  • 10 goggles that imitate drunkenness
  • Instructor
  • Indoor field rental
  • 60 minutes playing time
  • All equipment provided


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Binocular Football in Hamburg : Information

Binocular Football, just like the great game, but if you were absolutely hammered. So it's perfect for your stag do in Hamburg.

Depth perception is gone, coordination none, ability to aim zero, running in straight lines tricky, kicking the ball hilarious!

Our goggles make the ball appear either 10 times closer or 10 times further away so it makes for a hysterical afternoon on your stag. 

We have also devised a number of different games to use binocular goggles, all geared to making this one of the funniest stag party activities we offer.

15 people
2 Nights


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