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Chrysler Limo & Strip for my Kiev Stag Do


  • Rent a Chrysler Limo with driver
  • Two hours tour of Kiev at night
  • Transfer to the place of your choice
  • Maximum of 9-11 people
  • 2 bottles of sparkling local wine for every 7 people
  • A local guide to accompany you
  • 20-minute striptease

Chrysler Limo & Strip in Kiev : Information

The party starts with this Chrysler Limo & Strip activity during your stag do in Kiev.

This Chrysler Limo & Strip takes warming up to a whole new level. Trust us, things are about to get H.O.T Hottttttt with this preparty session.

Recommended before you the lads hit up Kiev's top watering holes and clubs, this Chrysler Limo & Strip activity will see you tour Kiev onboard a Chrysler Limo for two hours. And while the sights outside the limo are great, we are pretty sure your eyes will be set on the sexy stripper.

It's a stag do in the Ukraine, where women are unbelievably beautiful, so a stripper is a must when it comes to a stag do in Kiev. 

15 people
2 Nights


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