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Lesbo Strip Show for my Kiev Stag Do


  • Available in our apartments or private accommodation
  • 30-minute Lesbo Strip Show by two beautiful Ukrainians

Lesbo Strip Show in Kiev : Information

This Lesbo Strip Show is what a stag do in Kiev is all about...

Or at least it should be!

Two sexy, beyond beautiful Ukranian stunners putting on the ultimate show, a Lesbo Strip Show, for your stag party entertainment...

We really doubt it can get any better than this! 

Besides, it's essential there must be a stripper during the stag do in Kiev, but why have just one stripper when you could have two. And not just any two but two lesbian strippers.

So go on, treat, the stag, yourself and the lads to a Lesbo Strip Show during the stag do in Kiev, not just for your pleasure, but for theirs too.

Trust us, the lads will be extra thankful for this saucy and sexy addition to the Kiev stag do.


Rather than head to a strip club, the Lesbo Strip Show will come to you. This is only available in our apartments and can't be booked in a hostel. 

15 people
2 Nights


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