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Air Gun Shooting Package for your Krakow Stag Do


  • Local guide 
  • Instructor
  • Return transfers
  • Unlimited ammo 
  • 1-hour at the shooting range 
  • 7 lanes available
  • Shoot with a Rifle and Pistol

Air Gun Shooting Package in Krakow : Information

Get back to basics with this Air Gun Shooting Package during your stag do in Krakow.

While regular guns fire as a result of a chemical reaction, these guns fire projectiles pneumatically thanks to compressed air or other gases that are pressurized mechanically.

When it comes to a stag do, none of this technical stuff really matters, just know these bad boys still have plenty of power behind them and this is a great Krakow stag do activity.

Air Guns have been around since the 1500s and have been used for everything from hunting, warfare and sporting. But now it's all about the recreational use for stag parties.

You've got an hour to shoot as much as you want during this Air Gun Shooting Package. With 7 lanes, you and the lads can enjoy some healthy competition between each other. With an hour, two guns to shoot and unlimited ammo, we expect those targets to look like a proper mess.

Other Shooting Activities in Krakow:

Air Guns aren't for everyone, we get it. If this is not enough power for you and you want to play with the big boy guns are your stag do in Krakow there is plenty of other shooting packages to choose from. 

The US Army Shooting Package includes 40 bullets across an M16 A1 Rifle, M4 Rifle, Beretta M9 Pistol, Beretta Colt 1911 Pistol and a Tactical Sniper Rifle.

In the AK47 & Shotgun Shooting Package you will have 23 bullets to shoot across an AK-47, shotgun and Glock!

The AK47 & Pistol Package gives you 20 bullets to shoot on a Glock 17 and the infamous AK47. 

On the Fully-Loaded Shooting Package, you have 50 bullets to use on the Glock, Kalashnikov, uzi, ar-15 or a .357 Magnum, m4 12 gauge Shotgun

15 people
2 Nights


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