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Flyboard for my Las Vegas Stag Do


  • Flyboard
  • Fly more than 28-foot high
  • Return private transfers
  • 35-minutes of flyboard for the stag
  • Instructor
  • Equipment and briefing 

Flyboard in Las Vegas : Information

Make your mate's Las Vegas stag do blast off with the adrenaline-pumping Flyboard!

This once in a lifetime opportunity will give the stag the ability to propel himself more than 28-foot high into the air using powerful cannons of water. He will be taught all the basics of flyboarding, such as take-off, landing, elevation control, turning and hovering. As well as how not to faceplant the water...

Perfect for water lovers, thrill seekers and all the lads sick of the usual stag do activities!

What is a Flyboard?

It was created very recently, in 2011, by Jet-Ski champion Franky Zapata through his company ZR and has swept across Europe.

The board itself has two jets that propel you into the air and some can travel over 90mph!

Las Vegas
15 people
2 Nights


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