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Extreme Indoor Paintball for my Liverpool Stag Do


  • Extreme Indoor Paintball Venue
  • 2-hour session
  • 200 paintballs each
  • Full equipment
  • Safety briefing
  • 7000 square feet battle arena
  • Instructors 

Extreme Indoor Paintball in Liverpool : Information

Don"t just enjoy Paintball...GO EXTREME with this Extreme Indoor Paintball session during your stag do in Liverpool and enjoy covering your mates in a rainbow of bruises at this 7000 square feet battle arena!

It might be indoor paintball, but that's not going to stop this Extreme Indoor Paintball from being an all-out bloodbath and give you all an adrenaline surge like no other. You'll enjoy all the fun and advantages of a large outdoor playing arena but on a whether-protected, warm, dry battlefield instead.

And, best of all, no mud!

Paintball has long been a firm favourite among stag parties and this Extreme Indoor Paintball session will be no exception. Besides being a crowd-pleaser, this is the only paintball experience the weather can’t spoil.

And what's better this Extreme Indoor Paintball arena is located in the Heart of Liverpool and easily accessible by car bus or train. 

Games available at this Extreme Indoor Paintball Venue:

TEAM DEATHMATCH - No Time outs in this game. When you get shot you have to run back to your base, which is marked down by the Marshalls. Rather than sitting out, you'll respawn and get right back into the battlefield. The aim of the game is to make the opposing team go back to their base more times than they make you...Simple!

FREE-4-ALL - Doesn't the name say it all? 

You've all gone rogue and it's everyone for themselves. AND EVERYONE IS THE ENEMY!

There are two options when it comes to the bloodbath that is Free-4-All. The first is Respawn. If you get shot you'll have to return to the base for a 30 seconds time out before getting right back into the battlefield again. The second option is Last Man Standing and we are pretty sure this one is self-explanatory. When your shot that's it, your out, you eliminated and there will be no respawning for you!

SEARCH & DESTROY Both teams will be shown an army supply bag. Then one of the Marshalls will go and hide it...then the game begins!

The aim of the game is to locate the army supply bag and get it back to your base without being shot. If you get shot while holding the bag, you'll have to drop the bag where it is and return to your base for a 30-second time-out before respawning.

This game can end quickly or play out until the elapse of the allocated time.

But, there always has to be a winner!

If at the end of the Paintball game neither of the teams have been successful in getting the bag back to their base, the final position of the bag will determine who wins.

This Search & Destroy game is quickly becoming a favourite among smaller groups.

CAPTURE THE FLAG - A world-famous paintball game but with a twist for the stag do in Liverpool!

At the Extreme Indoor Paintball Venue, they use two flags (one for each team to retrieve). Unlike other paintball sites, the Extreme Indoor Paintball Venue plays this Capture the flag as a respawn game meaning you can capture the flag more than once and the winning team is the team that captures the most flag retrievals in ten minutes.

Good for any size group.

15 people
2 Nights


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