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Kwidditch for my London Stag Do


  • 1 hour activity
  • Venue hire
  • All equipment
  • Referee
  • Minimum of 10 people required

Kwidditch in London : Information

For a very Harry Potter stag do...

Enjoy the best, misspelt sport in the world of Hogwarts with Kwidditch! Naming rights prevent us from calling it Quidditch, but they don't prevent us from getting all the equipment together, making an identical game and calling it Kwidditch... so guess what we did?

It's almost identical to the real game, the only major differences being the lack of magic flying broomsticks, and the Golden Snitch. There is a Golden Snitch, but its the stag! 

Our instructors will put you into teams before the game begins. As you know, the ways to win are by outscoring the opposition or by catching the Golden Snitch.

15 people
2 Nights


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