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Bar Crawl & Challenges for your Lyon Stag Do


  • Challenge during the bar crawl
  • One beer per person
  • One cocktail per person
  • Insects eating
  • Shots to drink as part of a tasting challenge
  • One Crément bottle to win
  • An instructor who will guide you and run the challenges
  • Visit a number of bars
  • At the end of the Bar Crawl & Challenges activity, your guide can suggest some top clubs, however, the entry fee is not included
  • 2-hour activity 
  • Available between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Bar Crawl & Challenges in Lyon : Information

A highlight of any stag do, enjoy the ultimate bar-hopping experience during your stag d in Lyon with this Bar Crawl & Challenges.

A great way to experience the nightlife and enjoy a few hilarious challenges and games against your friends, this Bar Crawl & Challenges will certainly make your stag do in Lyon. extra memorable.

A English-speaking guide will take you around to some top bars in the city will you'll compete in a number of different challenges in games. And, because this is a stag do, a number of these games and challenges involve drinking!

There are several challenges and games during this Bar Crawl & Challenges, the main ones are:

Beer Bing - Not something that really needs an introduction, you split into teams and face-off at either ends of a table. You try to make your opponents drink as much as possible by landing the ping-pong ball in a cup that's at the other end of the table. 

Barman Challange - One of the lads will need to get behind the bar and make the drinks. You need to impress the professional and your friends because whatever you male, you'll be drinking.

Body Shots - You might get lucky and find a nice girl that lets you take a shot off their body, but chances are you won't and you'll be taking shots off each other.

Make your own Kebab -  A great pitstop along the way and perfect to absorb all the alcohol you've consumed. The only problem is that someone needs to take the orders and make the kebabs. 

In total, 8 challenges await you, and if you pass more than half of them, 2 bonus challenges will be added to earn you a small gift at the end of the bar crawl.

In addition to all o this, there are plenty of great opportunities to embarrass the stag and plenty of great photo opportunities. 

15 people
2 Nights


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