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Sexy Wake-Up for the Malta Stag Do


  • 15 Minute striptease
  • The stripper comes to your accommodation
  • The best wake-up call for the groom-to-be

Sexy Wake-Up in Malta : Information

If you've got to get the stag up after a big night during his stag do in Malta, do it with this Sexy Wake-Up.

Trust us, this is one early wake-up calling he'll have no troubles getting out of bed for!

So, exactly what is the Sexy Wake-Up?:

The Sexy Alarm Clock, Immodest Maid, the best Wake-up Call ever...

Call it what you want, either way,  as we said this is one early wake-up call the stag will have no trouble rising for. 

So, a little bit of planning comes into the Sexy Wake-Up, it's not hard, but one of the members of the group will need to rise and shine before the stag. Generally, this falls on the organiser. They will need to let the stripper into the stag's room while he's sleeping. Of course, this means you'll need to be able to wake-up with a standard alarm clock. Boring we know, but don't worry you'll still get to enjoy the striptease so it's worth it! 

Disguised as a sexy maid, the stripper will knock loudly before letting herself in while the stag is sleeping. Of course, this will be to the sound of "housekeeping".

 And, don't worry there is no missing out for you or the rest of the stag party, you'll all be able to come into the room too.

While she may be dressed as a maid, Maximise does not guarantee a cleaner room after she leaves.

Trust us, nothing gets you up in the morning like a striptease!

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2 Nights


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