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Private Striptease for my Milan Stag Do


  • Sexy stripper
  • Comes to your apartment
  • 15-30-minute show
  • The stripper is generally there for 30-minutes
  • Not available in hostels

Private Striptease in Milan : Information

You wouldn't be true friends if you didn't organise a Private Striptease for your mate's stag do in Milan...

Ok, so that might not be true, but you'd probably be better friends if you did organise a Private Striptease for your mate's stag do in Milan...

Either way, it's a Stag Do, so there is no 'if' or 'buts' about it, there must be a stripper, especially when it comes to an exclusive, private show just for your group which lasts around 30 minutes! 

Whether you want to organise this Private Striptease as a Sexy Wake-Up or as a pre-clubbing show to get you pumped up for the night ahead, a Private Striptease is always a very welcomed addition to a stag weekend.

The Sexy Wake-Up Private Striptease option:

There is only one way to wake up during a stag do in Milan and it's with this Sexy Wake-Up Private Striptease option!

Hangover or not, this will give your stag a reason to get up and out of bed with the sound of "housekeeping".

The concept is simple but the outcome is jaw-dropping. A gorgeous stripper, disguised as a maid, will ensure your stag gets up on the right side of the bed with a strip show like no other.

The Sexy Alarm Clock or immodest maid...

Call it what you want, either way, this is one early wake-up call the stag will have no trouble rising for. And, while she might dress like a maid, we can't guarantee the room will be any cleaner when she leaves.

How to pull off the perfect Sexy Wake-Up during the Milan Stag Do:

Because we haven't quite figured out how to teleport the stripper into the stag's room, a little bit planning and a fair bit of secrecy are needed to pull off this Sexy Wake-Up Private Striptease option!.

One of the members of the group, generally the organiser, will need to let the stripper into the stag's room while he's sleeping. Of course, this means you'll need to be able to wake-up with a standard alarm clock. Borning, we know, but it will be totally worth it!

Disguised as a sexy maid, the stripper will knock loudly before letting herself in while the stag is sleeping. The rest of the group will also be able to come in so they don't miss out on any of the action.

As for the Private Striptease option during the evening:

This one is really up to you guys in terms of when you want to enjoy a Private Striptease at your accommodation. The only 'rules' so to speak is you should have a chair for the stag, some music and this can only be booked in an apartment or hotel, this is not available in hostels.

Before your hit up Budapest's nightlife during the stag weekend, treat the stag to a striptease in the privacy of your accommodation.

You'll feel like real VIPs with this private show!

A sexy stunner will come to your stag party accommodation and put on a show for 30-minutes.

It's the perfect way to start the stag do celebrations.

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