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Outdoor Karting Newcastle for my Newcastle Stag Do


  • 1200 metre track - up to 35 drivers
  • 390cc Sodi Karts
  • 15 minute timed practice session
  • 30-minute final race with the fastest qualifier starting on pole position
  • All equipment provided
  • An Instructor - Safety Briefing
  • Customised racing stats for each driver
  • No driving licence required!

Outdoor Karting in Newcastle : Information

Got that need for speed that only Outdoor Karting will satisfy? You've certainly come to the right place!

Forget about small indoor tracks, this is not for the faint-hearted, this 1200 metre track is where the big boys play and now you can too. 

As well as a big track, one of the best in the country if not Europe, there are also powerful 390cc Sodi Karts which go a staggering 55mph! If you dare to drive it that fast...

Each lap will take roughly 75 seconds, but 72 seconds or lower is considered a good time. How about a little competition? The slowest person around the track buys the first round at the bar after? Sounds like a good idea to us!

The day will begin with you and the guys meeting up with the instructor before he goes over a few safety tips, techniques and how to drive the karts properly. Be sure to listen, these machines are powerful, fast and agile, making them perfect for the tight bends and blistering straights.

You and the lads will kick things off by getting to know the circuit with a 15 minute timed practice session and the person with the fastest practice lap will start in poll position in the final race. 

Once the practice is over we're ready for some timed laps! You get 30 minutes driving time to race against each other and a trophy will be presented to the winner.

We provide all the equipment you need, as well as the Karts (obviously!) so all you need to do is turn up and have a top class time. The equipment includes helmets, gloves and other things to keep everyone safe on the track, its very important to take these safety measures as no driving licence is required!

If fast-paced action is your thing, this Outdoor Karting activity is sure to impress you and all the lads in the group.

Why choose Outdoor Karting for a Stag Do in Newcastle?

That rush of adrenaline is like no other! Honestly you can't get it anywhere else, well you probably could but we wouldn't recommend it, we just recommend Outdoor Karting instead! 

Lots of Stag Weekend activities are about teamwork, but Karting is all about individual glory, trophies and not being the slowest of the bunch...

We mentioned it earlier but this track is perhaps the best in the UK, if not the best in Europe. There are 10 turns, a length of 1200 metres and a top speed of 55mph, meaning you can really take the karts to their absolute limit.

You receive personal race printouts, indicating your times, how well you've done and what you can do better so its good for the lads with a general interest in Karting.

The Go Karts are top of the line, as is the rest of the equipment so if you're looking to Maximise (see what we did there?) your chances of using good karts, this Outdoor Karting session is right for you. They're very reliable and run fantastically well, the 390cc Sodi Karts have an Engine manufactured by Honda so they're guaranteed to run perfectly.

Top activities to do before or after Outdoor Karting in Newcastle:

Newcastle is the King of the UK Stag Do and there is a huge range of fantastic activities available to you. One of our favourite activities in Newcastle is the Geordie Games, its absolutely insane but perfect for a Stag Do.

Blistering around this excellent outdoor track is bound to make anyone hungry and our Burger & Beer meal is without a doubt the way to cure your hunger.

Looking to get the most for your money, and the most out of this Stag Weekend? Check out our Outdoor Karting & Paintball combo.

If Karting isn't your thing there are loads of great alternatives instead and Quad Biking is an ideal replacement. Plenty of our customers book Quad Biking and we've had nothing but excellent feedback, so we're sure you will have great feedback too.

Good to Know:

No driving licence is required.

If you're still undecided and want some more information on a Stag Do in Newcastle, this Outdoor Karting stag weekend activity, changing to Outdoor Paintball, or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

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