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Lap Club for my Newquay Stag Do


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Lap Club in Newquay : Information

It's as traditional as the stag t-shirt, the stag prank and drinking  copius amounts of beer.....a visit to a top lap club!  Kick off your stag night with entry to Newquay's top lap club. It's been tried and tested...well someone had to sample to goods!

During the Summer months Newquay benefits from migration of stunners from colder towns and cities across the UK so they top up their tans! Luckily some of the best ones end up here! Make yourselves comfortable, enjoy the surroundings and the company of beautiful girls. The formula here is simple, a few drinks, great surroundings, your mates with you and of course.....some stunning girls! Enjoy!

15 people
2 Nights


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