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Outdoor Paintball for your Newquay Stag Do


  • Camouflage, helmets and gloves
  • An Instructor - Safety briefing and instructions
  • All gas, guns and other necessary equipment
  • 100 paintballs, though you can buy more on site
  • Different game zones
  • 11 game zones set in 20 acres
  • This Outdoor Paintball venue is located in St Teath, about 19 miles away from Newquay
  • Due to demand and availability, you may head to this site or the Outdoor Venue in Truro or the Launceston venue in Cornwall - you will be informed at the time of booking

Outdoor Paintball in Newquay : Information

Have a blast during the Stag Do with Outdoor Paintball in Newquay!

The mother of all Stag Do activities and guaranteed to be a winner with the lads,  Outdoor Paintball is always a crowd pleaser and never disappoints when it comes to a large group of lads celebrating a Stag Weekend. In addition, this is the best Outdoor Paintball site in Cornwall with over 10 different game zones! (of which you can see below)

Just be aware some game scenarios are played over 2 or more game zones and because of the range of the guns, some games are played over the entire site. The site is large, around 20 acres so there are a fair few hiding spaces.

We provide all the equipment for you guys, all the gas, guns, helmets etc. are already taken care of. All you need to do is turn up, go through a very quick safety briefing and then open fire on your pals!

Sometimes we all want to hurt our friends, so why pass up the opportunity now?

What makes Outdoor Paintball the perfect Stag Do activity?

You get the scars of a war hero... All the bruises may hurt but remember you got them whilst having a damn good time, but if you were awful at Paintball then they're just your typical bruises...

Newquay has loads of fantastic activities for a Stag Do, but for larger groups it can be difficult to find enough availability for all of you. Luckily Paintball is exempt from this, its almost always available and a perfect way to keep a group of 20-something guys happy and entertained.

Paintball is fairly inexpensive and when you compare it to some of the more expensive Stag Do activities it really is a great deal. A whole day with the lads, all the pain and punishment that you put on the Stag and the ability to keep the entire group entertained all day makes Paintball one of the best value activities on offer.

The different game zones and scenarios at this Outdoor Paintball venue include:

Haystack's Run - Hay bales and dump-truck tyres provide some much-needed cover during this fast action games.

Rebel Border - Two Forts, one on each side of a heavily defended border with a viewing area for the "brave" dead players.

The Marsh - Reeds and bushes are cover for attacking players, if you want to win, you may need to get wet feet

Sniper Alley While there are a number of mini huts and trees, you must keep moving or you'll get pinned down.

Crossfire Corner - Woodland, open area, huts and a Church. But, for a tactical advantage, you must control the ditch.

Fortress - Looks heavily defended from the front so you will have to go around the pond in order to win, but be careful, you'll need to dodge enemy fire.

Bridge Assault - There's more than one way to cross the ravine, but you must take the bridge. AND, it will be guarded!  

Tower Zone - Fast, action-packed games around the tower. 

The Jungle - The cover is really thick during the Summer months - just like the JUNGLE, also now added a tower to this zone too and a downed chopper 

The Castle - This thing is huge. Seven rooms and is 20 feet high kind-of HUGE. Have fun battling it out in and around the castle.

The Maze - 3m high, 70m long, 50m wide and probably the biggest permanent maze in Cornwall. WOW!

Other great activities for a Stag Do:

Newquay has so much to offer a Stag Do and Outdoor Paintball is just the start. Some of our favourite activities in Cornwall are Combat Archery, Surfing Bootcamp, our Beach Football & BBQ package and Quad Biking.

Good to Know:

We provide the first 100 Paintballs, but if you want you can buy more on site.

This goes without saying but we're going to say it anyway - bring old clothes and shoes!

If you're still undecided and want some more information on a Stag Do in Newquay, this Paintball stag weekend activity, going out after for a Burger & Beers meal, or any of Maximise's Stag Party Destinations or Activities, you can call our Sales Team on 0208 236 0111.

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