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Bar Crawl & Challenges for my Nice Stag Do


  • 2-hour Bar Crawl & Challenges through Old Nice
  • Challenge during the bar crawl
  • Drinking games
  • Instructor
  • One Cocktail per person
  • One Crément bottle to win
  • An instructor who will guide you and run the challenges
  • Visit a number of bars
  • At the end of the Bar Crawl & Challenges activity, your guide can suggest some top clubs, however, the entry fee is not included 

Bar Crawl & Challenges in Nice : Information

Everyone loves a good bar crawl and your stag do in Nice should be no exception, but, we have a bar crawl that comes with a few unique twists and challenges.

If you are a fan of drinking games and bar shenanigans than this Bar Crawl & Challenges activity will be perfect for your stag do in the French Riviera!

Alcohol is always up to be won and some of the challenges include drinking and eating races, Karaoke, Beer Pong and seeing the stag step in as your bartender to make your cocktails.

Some of the main challenges include:

  1. Barman Challenge: The stag takes the place of the barman and has to concoct your cocktails!
  2.  Man VS Burger: The name says it all, eat your burgers as fast as possible!
  3. Karaoke: Because public humiliation should always be on the agenda when it comes to a stag do. So, the stag will belt his heart out in front of a bar.
  4. Beer Pong: We refuse to explain this one!
  5. Tug of War: Fight against each other or face willing strangers in a game of Tug of War...ahain, there is no explanation needed here!
  6. Drink a beer with a straw: Well again, the name says it all. A drinking challenge where you need to drink a beer through a straw or several stars. Trust us, it's not easy... 
15 people
2 Nights


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