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Norwich Stag Do

Said to have 365 pubs lining it's streets, Norwich is one big bar crawl every day of the year.

15 people
2 Nights
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Come to Norwich and let Britain's most complete medieval city make your Stag Do as unforgettable as it's rich history. So how do you feel about partying in the home of Alan Partridge for your stag do? Because we feel pretty good about it.

Don't be fooled by the placid and picturesque landscape. Norwich is no sleepy city and it offers one of the craziest ranges of Stag Do activities and Nightlife known to Stag-kind.

There's a great stag party nightlife with bars, clubs and restaurants throughout the city so you'll never have to go far in the search of a good time. Couple this with some top-class stag do activities and you've got all the ingredients to make a top stag party in Norwich.

The first day of your Stag Do is the time to enjoy a few drinks with the lads and sample up some of the local cultures. Norwich has a long, rich brewing culture dating back hundreds of years and the evidence of this golden miracle is still alive 'n' kicking today. Head to a local brewery for a Beer and Cider Tasting session and experience the beautiful taste of Norfolk brewed beer and cider.

In the evening its time to keep the Beer theme going with a Guided Bar Crawl. You and the lads will hop from Pub to Pub, having a few and enjoying some banter with the locals. If that isn't enough, we can arrange for some Beer Maids to join you. We call them the Beer Maid Beauties, but you'll be calling them the best you've ever seen!

On day two of the Stag Do spend a Day at the Races. This is a sure-fire way to make sure this is a truly epic Stag Do, you might even make some money? Maybe you'll pay for the whole weekend with some mega winnings? You don't know until you try.

Lunch is on the agenda, you and the group will head to a popular bar for our Burger and Baps lunch meal. The burger is top quality and the Topless Waitress is absolutely stunning! Enjoy the sweet meat of the burger while the waitress teases you... OK, we'll stop... You get it!

At the end of the meal, head back to the Races before spending the night in the Lap Club. No explanation is needed, a visit to a lap club is an absolute must-do for any Stag Do.

Norwich has a large mixture of activities for your Stag Weekend. One of our top-selling activities is a Stag Do favourite, Clays and Karting, this terrific package is really good value and is a cert to make the day a class one. This event also lasts around 2 and a half hours so it gives you and the lads loads of time to record some winning lap times!

Another one of our excellent activities is our Play with a Legend. Get a chance to meet your idol, play a game with them and spend an hour in the pub afterwards getting to know them!

We have legends such as Pat Nevin, John Barnes, Sol Campbell and many more so regardless of who you support there will be a legend for you.

There are loads of other great activities such as Clay Pigeon Shooting, Shock Football and many more.

After dark, there is plenty to do for your Stag Do in Norwich. First things first, the Pub Tour, its a staple of the Stag party and male life in general and Norwich only enhances that. It's said there are 365 pubs lining the streets and although we can't organise a 365-hour long Pub Tour for your to visit them all, we'll sort you out with the best 4 or 5.

As well as a variety of excellent Pubs on offer, Norwich also has a selection of vibrant Nightclubs to choose from. Cheap and Cheerful, our Nightclub Entry will ensure you don't have to queue up and you'll have no issues getting into the club.

There is also a top-class range of restaurants to choose between. The types of high-quality cuisine available are Indian, Italian, Chinese and many more so Norwich has the Chef's to delight even the fussiest palate.

15 people
2 Nights


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