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Poznan Stag Do

Great nightlife, fantastic stag party activities and top accommodation.
It's just some of the reasons you'll love a Poznan stag do. 
15 people
2 Nights
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Small but mighty, Poznan might look all quaint and innocent to the untrained eye, but as Stag Do experts we can tell you this city has an abundance of activities, alcohol and women to make your Stag Do unforgettable.

Better yet as it’s not a particularly large city like some of the others in Poland, you’ve never got far to stumble to get to the bar, club or strip club as almost everything is centrally located. Ideal for those early morning hangovers.

Poznan has everything necessary for an unbeatable Stag Weekend. There is a huge range of activities available so you're bound to find something to keep the whole group entertained.

Poznan has a compact nightlife scene. Everything is so close together so you don't need to worry about splitting the group up or people getting lost. Besides we provide an English Speaking Guide, so there is no chance of any of that happening. She will worry about the logistics, you just worry about having a great time.

Once you arrive at the airport you will have a quick and easy journey to your accommodation. We can make it even easier with some Return Airport Transfers, we'll also drop you off at the airport when you're weekend has come to an end. But there is much to do between now and then though.

Day one of the Stag Do is the ideal time to experience some of the different activities Poznan can offer you. One of our best activities is AK-47 Shooting! Just like a dog, the AK-47 is man's best friend and you'll feel the same way when you fire this absolute monster of an assault rifle.

After you and the lads have used up all your bullets, and deafened yourself, its time to head out to partake in Poznan's heart-pumping nightlife scene. A Bar Crawl & Club Combo is Maximise' favourite way for a cheap & cheerful night out. Our guide will take you around a variety of bars before escorting your group to the club so you can keep the party going all night long.

The night was a late one and on day two you might be feeling the need for a recovery session. Why not spend the day in Poznan's Waterpark? A fantastic facility, we can get you guys to access to the park itself without the need to queue up at the gate. There are tonnes of slides and even a spa on site. I feel the hangover has met its match.

We mentioned the cheap food and now you can see what we mean. A day at the Waterpark will definitely spur on your appetite. Head over to a local steakhouse for a Steak & Strip dinner, just be aware you can only taste the Steak...

Finish the Stag Weekend off with one last night in the club. Only this time we're feeling a VIP Table & Bottles would be more suitable. You and the boys will have a reserved booth and some free drinks as well to make this an incredible night. The booth is a great way to end the weekend, especially if you're looking to meet one or two gorgeous locals before you head home.

A Stag Do in Poznan wouldn't be right without a shooting activity. The gun laws are a lot more relaxed than they're in the UK and it's best to take full advantage of that. For the Stags who feel a spray of the AK, or firing a few rounds of the Glock isn't enough, we can also offer a Tank Driving and Shooting package instead. It's exactly what it sounds like, you get to drive an actual, working Tank.

Make like an actor from Cool Runnings and have a go in the Bobsleigh! This insane activity has been part of the Winter Olympics for years but its adrenaline-packed nature has made it a great choice for a Stag Do activity. Adrenaline-packed is actually an understatement as you'll be zooming down the ice banks at around 90mph with hardly any protection!

If these don't appeal to you then there's no need to panic. Poznan also has your Stag Do favourites such as Karting and Paintball so there is something for every group.

As with many Eastern European cities, Poznan has a crazy nightlife scene that England can only dream of having! There are masses of Beer Halls, Pubs and Clubs and we can get you access to all of them.

Whether it be a delectable dinner or a night getting hammered in the Pubs, this party mad city has you covered! If a Pub Crawl isn't your thing there are plenty of top-class alternatives for you such as a Strip Club or even a Lesbian Strip Show directly at your accommodation! Yes, we're not kidding. Two of our stunning, Polish strippers get it on for you and the guys' entertainment. This is guaranteed to be a hit on your Stag Do.

We also have many outstanding, quality restaurants for you to enjoy. Poznan has lots of cheap food so there is something for everyone. There are plenty of options like 3 Course Traditional Dinners, Pierogi, Steakhouses and much more.

Flying from London to Poznan is ridiculously good value. You can regularly get return flights, almost all year round, for less than £50. Try to book them in early though, these prices generally mean the tickets will sell out quickly. If you're looking for a cheap & cheerful Stag Do, look no further. 

Poland is known for having excellent value when it comes to food & drink and Poznan is no different.You can get a pint of beer here for less than £1.50. Some bars even charge less than £1 so you won't be breaking the bank. 

 Take a visit to the Old Brewery 50 50. This excellent venue is a commerce and arts centre, created in a former Brewery. There are Beer Gardens, Clubs, a park and many shops for you to browse around in. 

 For the Stag who likes his history visit Cathedral Island for, you guessed it, a trip to Poznan's Cathedral. The building itself was built over 1000 years ago and is still standing today, also the original Kings of Poland are buried here, as well as the Archbishops that preside over it.

15 people
2 Nights


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