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Bowling for your Poznan Stag Do


  • Bowling 
  • Shoe hire
  • 2-hour activity
  • Lanes booked for your group
  • 6 people per lane
  • Local guide
  • There is a billiard area next to the bowling alley, equipped with high-quality game tables.
  • Restaurant and bar on site

Bowling in Poznan : Information

Enjoy some fun and healthy competition with a classic during your stag do in Poznan.

Dust off the bowling shorts and shine those shoes, it's time for some Bowling during your stag do in Poznan.

Love by millions of people around the world, Bowling is a great way to spend some hours during a stag do. Competition between friends never gets old, especially when it comes to a stag do and you need to show the groom up. 

We will reserve a few lanes at a local Bowling Alley so you and the lads can show off your skills or humiliate yourselves, either way, it's good easy fun for a stag do.

15 people
2 Nights


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