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Traditional Polish Meal for your Poznan Stag Do


  • Your local guide will accompany you 
  • 3-course dinner (traditional menu)
  • 1 beer each
  • Table reserved for your group 

Traditional Polish Meal in Poznan : Information

While some may consider beer to be the only sustenance they need when it comes to a stag do in Poznan, chances are you'll still need some food during the weekend. So, rather than just stick to the usual takeouts, why not get a little cultured with a Traditional Polish Meal.

Considering Polish food is similar to German, so meat-heavy and served with beer, you really can't go wrong with Traditional Polish Meal while you're in Poznan for a stag do.

Some traditional polish dishes include:

  • Bigos - Somewhat of a hunters stew, Bigos is a combination of cabbage, different meats, sausages, mushrooms and spices. It's cooked for several hours, sometimes day and is very tasty and filling.
  • Pierogi - A staple of Polish cusine, Pierogi are filled dumplings made by wrapping unleavened dough around a savoury or sweet filling. Technically Pierogi is an age-old Eastern and Central European delicacy and not just limited to Poznan, but you will definitely find them there.
  • Żurek - Now this is basically sour rye soup. If rye is not being used other fermented cereals, such as wheat, oatmeal, or sourdough can be used. Sound strange, we know, but this soup has an outstanding combination of flavours. Traditionally it is served with egg and white sausage.
  • Kiełbasa - Your traditional sausages made of pork, beef or veal. There are so many different varieties of Kiełbasa in Poland that you might need more than one stag weekend to try them all

For this Traditional Polish meal, you will have 3-courses to enjoy, as well as one beer each. If on beer is not enough for you, you'll be able to purchase more on the spot. 

15 people
2 Nights


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