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Beer Bike for my Prague Stag Do


  • Maximum of 16 people
  • 30-litre barrel of beer on board
  • Music and sound system
  • 90-min ride
  • Wifi onboard
  • Party lights
  • A professional and sober driver
  • Waitress
  • You can add unlimited soft drinks for an additional fee
  • Possibility to have prosecco or cider instead of beer, please advise when booking
  • 30 litres not enough...how about upgrading to 60 litres! 

PLEASE KNOW: Due to the law and certain restrictions, the Beer Bike activity in Prague takes place outside the city centre. 

Beer Bike in Prague : Information

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There is no such thing as a compromise when it comes to a stag do in Prague because you don't need to - this is one city where you can have it all!

Especially when it comes to the Beer Bike!

Prague has the best beer in the world and it's cheaper than water, so you can absolutely bet you're going to enjoy plenty of the stuff. But, a common theme among stag parties when it comes to a stag weekend abroad is spending too much time in a pub and not enough time outdoors exploring the city they're in. Luckily there is the Beer Bike to fix that problem.

While you won't be touring through the city centre, you will get to discover Prague with 30-litres of beer onboard the Beer Bike!

Don't worry about driving, that's left to the sober driver, all you have to do is drink, peddle and have fun, the perfect activity for your stag do in Prague!

What does the Beer Bike activity include:

Once you've met the driver and told the stag dos and stag don'ts of the Beer Bike, then it's time to board and get peddling and more importantly boozing! The 'don'ts' of the Beer Bike are pretty straight forward, don't jump off in the middle of the street, don't throw your empty cups onto the street and keep your head, body, arms and legs inside the vehicle - no high-fiving oncoming vehicles! 

Another thing to know about the Beer Bike in Prague is the recent law passed in 2019, which prohibits anyone with a blood-alcohol level of more than 0.5gml (driver and participants) from participating in this activity. 

But then you'll have 90-minutes and 30 LITRES of BEER to enjoy as you tour Prague.

If at any point your legs get a little tired or you feel like the bike is getting heavy, just drink more - it's the best way to lighten the load! 


The Beer Bike in Prague has a maximum capacity of 16 people. For more than 16 people you'll have to order 2 Beer Bikes and the price depends on the number of participants.

While you have 30-litres of beer and boozing is a big part of the Beer Bike, It is ESSENTIAL you and the lads all start sober, we know, we know, not always easy on a stag do but it is required for this activity.

 The provider has a breathalyser and reserves the right to test anyone before you hit the road and get peddling. The activity is open to all, however, no alcohol will be served for participants under 18 years of age and it is forbidden to bring your own drinks on board.

Maximise recommends sorting out a playlist and bringing your own portable speakers for the ride! 

While the Beer Bike is not an extreme activity, it is a little physical and you're bound to work up your appetite, so be sure to enjoy a top meal afterwards.

From Body Sushi, a Traditional Czech Dinner or a Medieval Banquet to a Steak & Strip Dinner or a Hooter Meal, Maximise can sort you and the lads out with a top feed during your stag do in Prague!

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