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Reading Stag Do

Close to the capital but without the capital prices, Reading has been home to top stag do's for a long time.

15 people
2 Nights
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You don't often think of Reading as the main contender for a top-notch Stag Do, but it's time to set the record straight because Reading delivers.

With a perfect balance of scenic countryside and great stag party nightlife, you couldn't ask for anything more on a Stag Do.

The activities available in Reading are fantastic and include all the classics like Paintball and Quads. There is a new contender to the Stag Weekend activity crown in the form of Hovercrafts, which has become instantly popular and highly recommended by countless groups.

The town centre is jam-packed with bars and clubs guaranteed to provide quality evening entertainment for your stag do. With some great, central accommodation it really is a top location for a weekend away with the lads.

All this and just an hour from London, could it get any better?

Day one of your Stag Do is a perfect time to do something sporty and competitive with the lads. Reading has that in spades, start off with a great combo of ours, Rage Buggies, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Axe Throwing and Crossbow Shooting. This event takes around 4 and a half hours so its excellent value for money so we know this is the perfect way for the group to have a proper good time one your Stag Do.

After you're all knackered head over to a centrally located Comedy Club for dinner and one hell of a laugh. This Bar stays open until 2am so you guys are all sorted until the early hours of the morning! Also, the club turns into a nightclub after so you and the boys can keep the party going all night long.

On day two of your Stag Do head over to a top activity centre for some Air Rifle & Pistol Shooting. Spray your troubles away with this excellent activity! You and the guys will also have access to the facilities' terrific Clubhouse, with TV/table tennis/table football and a licensed bar included. Save the drinking till afterwards though, a drunk shot is a bad shot!

In the evening, take a stroll down to a popular restaurant for a delicious Steak Dinner before heading out to the bars for a Guided Bar Crawl! If that isn't enough for you, how about we get some of our gorgeous Beer Maids to join you? We call it the Bar Crawl with Beer Maid Beauties but you'll be calling it the best night of your life.

Reading has a huge array of top-class Stag Do activities. Starting with long-time favourites like Paintball and Karting, there is something for everyone in this fantastic town. As well as your traditional Stag Do activities, there is also a massive amount of driving and shooting-based activities so any Petrol Head will love it in Reading.

One of our best, and quite frankly strangest, activities is our Motorised Bath Tub Racing. Yes, you heard us right. Motorised Bath Tub Racing, what could possibly go wrong? A genius invention, these lean, mean, hygiene machines are huge fun and a must-do with any Stag Do in Reading.

Another amazing activity you just need to try is driving one of our Hovercrafts. These insane creations are one of the best ways to have a laugh on any given day. You'll be driving them around 6 inches above the ground, and we can safely say you will have almost no control whatsoever. With Hovercrafts there is one golden rule; if you see it, you'll probably hit it.

We have plenty of other immensely popular activities for your Stag Weekend, such as Airsoft, Shock Football, Beer & Wine Tasting and many more.

There are many, many lovely pubs and bars in Reading and as such the best way to begin your Stag Do there is with a Bar & Club Combo. This will give you a lay of the land and a good understanding of the best bars in the area. Once you've hit up a few bars you'll roll down to one of Reading's popular clubs.

As well as plenty of great bars, Reading also has its fair share of Casinos. We can get you access into the best Casino in town for a night of gambling with the lads. If any of them aren't too confident with the rules of Roulette & Blackjack we also have a Learn to Play Casino Package.

The nightlife doesn't stop here, there are a fair few Strip Clubs in town so if the beats in the club aren't you're a thing then Maximise has you covered.

Considering its so close to London, you'd maybe expect Reading to be as expensive when it comes to the price of a pint. You're wrong! But not by a lot. An average pint price of £3.65 might sound like a lot, but when you compare it to the minimum of £4 in London you can start to see a difference.

For a Stag who loves his horse racing, pop over to Newbury Racecourse. Around a 30-minute train journey, it has been holding races since 1905. Admittedly, it's no Ascot but it is a lot better value.

15 people
2 Nights


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